Burnmite horn rub This article lacks an official name. "Space Oni" is simply how it is referred to as, due to the popularity in the fandom or how it's mentioned in-story.

"Behold the self-proclaimed Guardian of Mankind! I've been expecting you!"
"Release your grip on mankind!"
"When Hell freezes over!

―The Space Oni and Ultraman Great

An evil, oni-like entity from space appeared in issue Negative One of the Ultraman Great comic, wracking destruction on earth in the process.


Negative One

The oni was a dark entity reborn long after its death. As the result of "dark wishes and whispered hopes," the entity coalesced out of lifeless particles into being. The oni launched an assault on earth, manipulating the weather and animals to cause chaos. Thankfully, Ultraman Great arrived to combat the threat.

Ultra and oni launched into battle, the large demon gaining the upper hand with its ability to imprison his foes. Trapping Great in a green crystal, the oni intended to parade his captive throughout the cosmos as a trophy. However, a squadron of human fighters including one piloted by Jack Shindo harassed the oni to buy Great time.

Breaking free of his prison, the Ultra brought the fight back to the demon. Battering the oni, Great came even closer to victory. He landed a final blow to the entity, sending the oni back to its grave. Upon the demon's death, the monsters it created either died or reverted back to animals. Earth was safe.


  • The Space Oni appears to be a caricature of Genghis Khan.

Powers and Weapons

  • Katana: The oni carries a large katana for use in combat.
  • Nature Control:: During the oni's siege on earth, the sky darkened and the oceans began to churn under his power. The entity could also transform ants into bipedal, man-sized beasts.
  • Imprisonment: By spitting a green beam of energy, the Space Oni can imprison enemies in a small, crystalline cell.
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