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Space Directive M774 (宇宙指令M774 Uchū Shirei Emu Nana Nana Yon) is the twenty-first episode of Ultra Q.


While aboard a cruise ship for the evening, Yuriko finds a child's doll, which suddenly speaks to her. The voice introduces itself as Zemi, an alien from the Planet Ruparts, and warns of an invasion from outer space. Shocked, Yuriko throws the doll overboard, but Jun and Ippei take little heed to her story. Later, while flying in the Cessna, the controls of the plane suddenly freeze on Jun and Ippei. The plane eventually returns to base by itself, the cockpit empty. Jun and Ippei find themselves in an abandoned inn, where the jukebox in the bar plays a record that speaks to them in the voice of the alien. Zemi explains that the stingray monster Bostang has been sent to Earth as the principle instrument of invasion from the Planet Keel. Following Space Order M774, Zemi has been assigned to help Earth against this hostile threat. The monster's egg has already fallen to Earth and, from the ocean floor, has hatched a giant stingray that proceeds to cause several ship diasters. At the central library, the investigative 'trio are greeted by the woman Kiyomi, the human form of the alien Zemi, who joins them in alerting the authorities about the monster. Together, they join the coast guard in locating Bostang and, after a tense struggle, the alien devilfish is destroyed by a squadron of J.S.D.F. jets. With the danger having passed, Zemi reveals that many of her kind already peacefully co-exist on Earth among mankind.



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  • Ultra Q Volume 6 features episodes 21-24, & Volume 6 Natural Color Volume 6 features episodes 17-21.


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