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The Space-Time Camera (時空超えカメラ Jikū koe kamera) is a camera that appeared in episode 18 of the horror drama Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy.

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Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

A mysterious camera that was the wartime partner of Yajima Photo Studio founder Shigeo Yajima. Along with the record book attached with the picture taken by the founder in Rabaul, it was carefully kept in the closet of Yajima Photo Studio, because Tadashi, grandson of Shigeo, pulled it out and used it outdoors, it began to function as a bridge connecting the girl who lived during wartime, who was the founder's young lover, and the Tadashi who lived in the modern. Moreover, the girl across the lens seems to be looking at Tadashi. The narration speculates that the camera is self-conscious. In addition, according to a quantum physicist (Prof. Tokoi) who is an acquaintance of a senior of Tadashi, it seems to be falling into a symptom called "camera love disorder". At the end, the girl turns out to be the same person as Tadashi's grandmother.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown
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