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Sora (ソラ) is a Blue Tribe Ultra who worked as a scientist in the Land of Light. First appearing in Ultraman Festival 2018 Live Stage Part 1, she made her live action debut in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy as an ambassador to Planet Kanon.



Her name is the Japanese word for "sky" (空 Sora).


Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Sora is an ambassador that accompanied Yullian to Planet Kanon. Directly after their negotiation with Queen Izana, they were attacked by Leugocyte, which had for unknown reasons begun an attack on the planet. Sora was able to use her Shield Fleur to protect herself and Yullian, though the shield nearly failed, but fortunately Ultraman 80 arrived and drove the monster away. The three Ultras arrived back on the Land of Light to report to Zoffy, Ultraman Taro and Ultraman Hikari at the same time as Sora's childhood friend, Ultraman Ribut, who informed the others that Ultraman Max had been infected by the Gudis Cells and was having his energy drained by the Maga-Orochi egg. Sora began working together with Ultraman Hikari to work on developing antibodies to save Max's life. After completing her work, she gave the antidote to Ribut.

After Ribut returned to the Land of Light, reuniting and thanking Sora. Taro approached him, congratulated his efforts, and dispatched him to the Galaxy Rsecue Force, with Sora joining him. Together they gladly accept the offer and enter the headquarters of the group, where they are welcomed by current members Queen Izana, Andro Melos, and Gukulushisa. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad




  • Flight: A natural trait to her species, Sora can fly.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Being a blue Ultra, Sora is shown capable of designing the Ultra Flashes, Color Timer-like devices whose size fit on the Earthling's palm and can convert positive emotions into rechargeable energies for Ultra Warriors.
  • Melody: Sora has a naturally gifted singing voice, which allows her to repair the damaged Ultra Flash.


  • Flower Tector (フラワーテクター Furawā Tekutā): Sora has a specialized chest armor with various ornaments and a mantle on its back when entering the battlefield. It has been passed down for generations through her family line when the next heir is ready to inherit it.
    • Shield Fleur (シールド・フルール Shīrudo Furūru): An energy barrier generated from the Flower Tector.[2] It was able to block Leugocyte's Genesis Requiem, but only just, as the barrier broke with significant force after it blocked the beam.

Other Media

Ultraman Festival 2018 Live Stage Part 1

Sora is a non-combatant resident of Land of Light who is in charge of greeting Ultraman Geed and the audience to the planet. She as well distributed the Ultra Flash, Color Timer-like devices which she created to convert their owner's positive emotions into an energy for recharging Ultras.

During Alien Empera's attack, Geed was in charge for bringing Sora to safety before he was defeated. Empera however choose to spare the Ultrawoman, believing that she is not worth killing. Although she lost the will to fight, Sora was encouraged by the female announcer as she returned with a battle armor and repaired the damaged Ultra Flashes before returning to the Land of Light, giving the Ultra Warriors another chance to counterattack. Ultraman Festival 2018 Live Stage Part 1


Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy


  • Her suit is a reused suit from one of the background Ultras in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie, with a pair of white boots added.
    • Another Ultra, Peony, who serves as a real life guide for Sukugawa, also uses the same suit.
  • She is Megumi Han's first role as an Ultra, which fulfills one of her biggest dreams.
  • Sora's armor was modified from the Ultraman Festival 1997 character, Light Yōsei Farla (光の妖精 ファーラ Hikari no Yōsei Fāra).


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