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Soma (ソーマ Sōma) is a parasitic monster introduced in the final episode of Neo Ultra Q.

Subtitle: Ancient Organism (古代生物 Kodai Seibutsu)


Neo Ultra Q

Somas were an ancient race of insectoid creatures that were thought to be extinct for millions of years. However, a paleontologist found one of these creatures perfectly preserved inside of a rock, and were brought back to life through cloning. Sometime later, Somas were used for experimentation due to their ability to halt ageing until the age of 144. Due to their limited number, they were placed only on children with high IQs exceeding 150, were in good physical condiiton, and had no genetic defects. Two of these experimented students would eventually attempt to escape the organization that kept the Somas in check, but one was caught and had her emotions seemingly removed. The other forecefully removed the Soma on her back. She was later brought back to the facility to have the Soma grafted directly onto her spinal cord, but managed to escape with the help of Jin Haibara, who also revealed that he had a Soma on his back, but chose to live his life freely instead of being controlled.


  • Height: 13 cm
  • Weight: 100 kg
Powers and Weapons
  • Anti-Ageing: A Soma can prevent a human from ageing, though the limit is up until 144 years.


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