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"Even if you kill Delgoran, my father won't be revived. I'd rather hope to save it whom my father had researched on. He would be happy with it."

―Sol desiring Musashi Haruno/Cosmos to save Delgoran.

Sol (ソル Soru) was a boy from an unknown alien species that appeared in Ultraman Cosmos episode 42.

Subtitle: Boy Alien (異星の少年 Isei no Shōnen)


Ultraman Cosmos

Sol and his father, who is a biologist, traveled the galaxy with their monster friend, Delgoran, however, when landing on an asteroid, the monster was affected by Chaos Header, turning him into Chaos Delgoran, kills Sol's father and damaged their spaceship, causing Sol to be stranded on the asteroid.

One day, he communicates with a human teenager named Shunji Horimura through his computer, as they become fast friends. However, with Chaos Delgoran approaching the Earth, he seeks Team EYES's help to stop the monster as Musashi becomes Cosmos and purifying Delgoran. Sol thanked Musashi and bids farewell to Shunji, revealing his true face (he previously wore a robe to hide his identity) as the asteroid that Sol resides on begins to move from it's orbit, cutting off their communications. Shunji decides to become an astronaut, vowing to reunite with his alien friend someday.


  • Voice actress: Mami Matsui (via translator)
  • Sol's spaceship was a modified prop from Ultraman Dyna TPC's NSP Campanella.
    • The same prop would be used again many years later in Ultraman Geed, where it appears as the Neo Brittanica spaceship, the true form of the Nebula House.


Powers and Weapons
  • Spaceship: Sol and his father owned a spaceship which used to travel throughout the galaxy. It was unknown whether this ship had a defense system or not just like the spaceship/saucers that are used by most aliens from previous Ultra series. However, since a part of it survived after being mostly damaged by Chaos Delgoran, Sol was able to communicate with beings from a faraway galaxy.
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