Sky Shark (スカイシャーク Sukai Shāku) is a giant battleship used by Mydo.


Ultraman Zearth 2: Superhuman Big Battle - Light and Shadow

When Katsuto still in training, causing everyone think that Zearth is coward, Mydo decides to create a laser beam with an equivalent power to Zetton's beam to hit into Ultraman Shadow's color timer, given that Zetton, a monster that dueled Ultraman in the past enable to kill the Ultra with his Rebound Rechanneled Energy Wave-Shaped Ray Beam and hit it on the Color Timer. As the Sky Shark launched to Lady Benzene's hideout, Shadow appeared. As Mydo uses the Zetton Ray Gun, the Color Timer reflect the beam and backfired on the ship. Though, the Mydo crew escapes with a small jet.


  • Speed: The battleship can fly in a greater speed in space.
  • Zetton Ray Gun: Sky Shark is equipped with a ray gun with a combination power of 25 Million Electromagnetic Current and 60 million Ampere electricity which equivalent to Zetton's Rebound Rechanneled Energy Wave-Shaped Ray Beam.
  • Smaller jet: When the entire battleship destroyed, a small ship can be used to escape.


  • The battleship's motif is based on a shark and an Imperial-class Star Destroyer from Star Wars movies.
    • Meanwhile, the small jet used to escape is based on a remora fish.
  • The prop which used for the ship will later recycled into Prometheus.
  • The battleship's eye straining color-scheme is acknowledged in-show by a news reporter.
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