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Super Warriors (超能ั勇士 Chāo néng yǒng shì)[1], formerly known as Sinic Q (中华超人Q版 Zhōng huá chāo rén Q bǎn lit. China Ultraman Q)[2], is an educational web series using hybrid animation, a blend of 2D and 3D elements.

A joint venture between T.C. Ruishi and Xing Yuan Co. Ltd. (广州市星原动偶文化活动策划有限公司)[3][4], the animation by Wuxi Digital Animation Co. Ltd. (无锡世纪宏柏数码动画有限公司) was accompanied by the would-be live-action Sinic Giant (中华超人 Zhōng huá chāo rén) show that never came to fruition.

The main theme of the show is "Environmental Protection", and with each two-part episodic story the objective is to enrich children's understanding and awareness of the environment around them.


In 2009, the Sinic Giant (中华超人 Zhōng huá chāo rén) trademark was filed by Xing Yuan Co. Ltd., with plans to produce superhero shows featuring characters based on the Ultraman image in collaboration with T.C. Ruishi, the copyright licensors for the classic Ultraman shows in China per Chaiyo Productions' decree at the time, based on the fraudulent 1978 agreement between Sompote Saengduenchai and Noboru Tsuburaya.

One of these shows was the animated educational series Sinic Q (中华超人Q版 Zhōng huá chāo rén Q bǎn), a spin-off of the live-action Sinic Giant (中华超人 Zhōng huá chāo rén) show supposedly in production at the time. A 2-minute teaser trailer was released to promote the animation, notably with some differences from the finished product (e.g. Wind Warrior is blue instead of purple).[5]

In 2009, production of the first season was completed in October and aired in December. The second season was released in April 2011.[3] For unknown reasons, the show's title was later changed to Super Warriors (超能ั勇士 Chāo néng yǒng shì).


Eons ago, three super-beings of light pursued the ultimate being of darkness through the void. After an intense battle that exhausted all their energies, the heroes managed to seal the beast on a young planet, Earth. This was at the cost of their physical forms, however, and the four would remain as statues, untouched for centuries to come...

Over time, due to the polluting effects of human urbanization and industrialization on the Earth, the power of the seal began to weaken, and the forces of darkness start to move once more. With the grand Demon King Beast of Darkness resurrected, the fate of the world now lies on three human children, who hold in their hands the Ultra Emblems, capable of summoning the Super Warriors to fight evil!


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  • Bai Hong (柏宏 Bǎi hóng)
  • Tie Tou (铁头 Tiě tóu)
  • Man Man (曼曼 Màn màn)

Super Warriors

  • Flame Warrior (火力超人 Huǒ lì chāo rén lit. Fire power superman)
  • Aqua Warrior (海蓝超人 Hǎi lán chāo rén lit. Sea blue superman)
  • Wind Warrior (风灵超人 Fēng líng chāo rén lit. Wind spirit superman)

Pollution Beasts

  • Darkness Beast (黑暗兽 Hēi àn shòu)
  • Sinister Beast (险恶兽 Xiǎn è shòu)
  • Smoke Beast (乌烟兽 Wū yān shòu)
  • Cyanobacteria Beast (蓝藻兽 Lán zǎo shòu)
  • Syvash Beast (腐海兽 Fǔ hǎi shòu)
  • Poison King Beast (毒王兽 Dú wáng shòu)
  • Noise Beast (噪音兽 Zào yīn shòu)
  • Nuclear Beast (核毒兽 Hé dú shòu)
  • Exhaust Beast (尾气兽 Wěi qì shòu)
  • Machine Beast (机械兽 Jī xiè shòu)
    • Giant
  • Poison Rat Beast (毒鼠兽 Dú shǔ shòu)
  • White Face Beast (白脸兽 Bái liǎn shòu)
  • Acid Rain Beast (酸雨兽 Suān yǔ shòu)
  • Metal Beast (金属兽 Jīn shǔ shòu)
  • Halon Beast (哈龙兽 Hā lóng shòu)
  • Electric Beast (电幅兽 Diàn fú shòu lit. Electric horn beast)
  • Mudstone Beast (泥石兽 Ní shí shòu)
    • Generation II
  • Violent Beast (暴暴兽 Bào bào shòu)
  • Battery Beast (电池兽 Diàn chí shòu)
  • Sandstorm Beast (沙尘兽 Shā chén shòu)
  • Sonic Beast (超音兽 Chāo yīn shòu)
  • Photochemical Beast (眩光兽 Xuàn guāng shòu lit. Glare beast)
  • Light Beast (白亮兽 Bái liàng shòu)


  • Zhi Bao (智宝 Zhì bǎo)
  • Mei Bao (美宝 Měi bǎo)
  • Primordial Star Dragon (元气星龙 Yuán qì xīng lóng)


Ep. Title Plot Title Card
1 Revival Of The Darkness Beast Bai Hong, Tie Tou and Man Man unearth ancient cavern ruins... and accidentally unleash a terrifying evil! Cnys e1.jpg
2 Ultra Emblems Refusing to leave Tie Tou behind, Bai Hong's courage is channeled into the Ultra Emblem, which summons forth the powerful Flame Warrior! Cnys e2.jpg
3 Search For The Wind Emblem Bai Hong and his friends visit the town square to find the lost Wind Emblem. Meanwhile, the Sinister Beast is brought to life and carries out the bidding of the Darkness Beast, creating the Smoke Beast! Cnys e3.jpg
4 Power Of Wind The Smoke Beast wreaks havoc and Flame Warrior struggles to put an end to it! As they distract the demon, Man Man uncovers from within the rubble, a purple emblem! Come forth, Wind Warrior! Cnys e4.jpg
5 Assailant From The River Depths The search for the Aqua Emblem begins! With their new communicators, Tie Tou embarks on an underwater dive to find the missing emblem. Out of nowhere, however, a mysterious creature drags him down to the depths... Cnys e5.jpg
6 Undersea Climatic Battle The Cyanobacteria Beast, an aquatic jellyfish monstrosity, appears! Tie Tou is rescued by the Wind Warrior in the nick of time, but she surprisingly can't swim! How will this epic deep sea battle turn out? Cnys e6.jpg
7 Glory Fortress Kid genius Bai Hong refurbishes the ruins into the brand-new Glory Fortress, equipped with the most advanced of technology to aid the Super Warriors! Just then, they are alerted to a new Pollution Beast! Cnys e7.jpg
8 The Rotting Sea The Syvash Beast dirties the great sea! The Aqua Warrior faces off against the monster, but his water-based powers only serve to help proliferate the Syvash Beast's pollution even further! How will he handle this? Cnys e8.jpg
9 Toxic Clouds The Super Warriors do their daily scout of the environment, and all seems fine. Just then, a treacherous thunderstorm brews above the city, revealing yet another Pollution Beast...! Cnys e9.jpg
10 The Empowered Flames The overpowering toxicity of the Poison King Beast's gas seems too much for the Super Warriors to handle. Placed in such a precarious situation, Flame Warrior unlocks a new power...? Cnys e10.jpg
11 Mei Bao Builds Courage Tie Tou belittles Mei Bao for being a scaredy-cat, and she runs off into the forest, hit with this realization. To help Mei Bao muster her courage, her friends devise a sneaky little plan, but then... Cnys e11.jpg
12 Operation: Children ...the Noise Beast appears out of thin air, and a wild goose chase ensues! How will the children deal with this odd monster? Cnys e12.jpg
13 Moonlit Circus A circus sets up shop in town, and it's a big hit! However, it is soon discovered by the Flame Warrior that the gifts given out by the circus produce some sort of harmful radiation. Is it the work of a Pollution Beast? Cnys e13.jpg
14 Advent Of The Primordial Star Dragon The mastermind is the Nuclear Beast! Its radioactive powers prove too much for the Super Warriors to handle, and one by one they submit to the monster's horrifying might. Just when all hope seems lost, a divine light appears in the sky!? Cnys e14.jpg
15 Intangible Enemy After having a friendly race, the Super Warriors and Bai Hong await their friends' return from a trip. Tie Tou and Man Man head towards the Glory Fortress at full speed, but they are both unaware of the danger hot on their tails... literally! Cnys e15.jpg
16 Aqua Warrior's Genius The Exhaust Beast's intangible nature and powers overpower the Super Warriors' combined efforts, threatening to destroy them all! Only Aqua Warrior's quick thinking and wit can save the day! Cnys e16.jpg
17 Secret Weapon The Sinister Beast has a secret he's been hiding from his master: his own monster! Naming it the Machine Beast, he sends it out into the city, threatening to put an end to the livelihoods of the people! Cnys e17.jpg
18 The Fleeing Machine Beast The Super Warriors show up to stop the Machine Beast, and through a demonstration of their teamwork and strength, they manage to drive away the damaged Machine Beast, who flees into the sunset. Cnys e18.jpg
19 The Misplaced Darkness While brooding over his failures, the Sinister Beast accidentally loses a dark energy marble! Later, Man Man finds herself in a traffic accident, and ends up hospitalized. To make up for his losses, the Sinister Beast creates a new Pollution Beast... who attacks the hospital! Cnys e19.jpg
20 The Mad Rat The power in the hospital goes out, and the Poison Rat Beast creeps up to Man Man, planning to make her its first victim! Can the Super Warriors rescue her in time? Cnys e20.jpg
21 The Airheaded White Face Beast The dark energy marble the Wind Warrior picked up permeates through her body and lands her in critical condition! Meanwhile, Bai Hong and friends find a peculiar yet friendly Pollution Beast? Looks can be deceiving... Cnys e21.jpg
22 The Awakened Purification Power The White Face Beast retaliates against the Super Warriors with its overwhelming power, but Wind Warrior recuperates just in time to help! The destruction to the environment left in the monster's wake seems irreversible however, unless...! Cnys e22.jpg
23 Little Photographer Tie Tou picks up a new hobby: photography! In addition, a new Pollution Beast arrives to terrorize the people, calling acid rain upon the city. Unexpectedly, the flash from Tie Tou's camera seems to repel it...!? Cnys e23.jpg
24 Endless Rainfall The members of the Glory Fortress devise a plan to stop the Acid Rain Beast, with Tie Tou's photography skills being a central part of it! Cnys e24.jpg
25 The Ghostly Golden Armor An otherworldly sight, a supernatural phenomenon; it's a shimmering gold-plated will-o-wisp, rising out of the lake! As the members of the Glory Fortress enjoy their picnic, Aqua Warrior notices a massive flattened dirt trail in the forest! Cnys e25.jpg
26 Ballet On Ice The Metal Beast's impenetrable defense proves too much of a hassle for the Super Warriors. To take it down, they must combine their strengths and work together! Cnys e26.jpg
27 Power of Reflection A sweltering summer day hits the denizens of the Glory Fortress, and even the villains are affected! Nevertheless, the Sinister Beast takes advantage of this to create a new Pollution Beast, whose special power shocks the Super Warriors! Cnys e27.jpg
28 Arisen From Despair The power of redirection is the Halon Beast's trump card! With his friends down, how will the Aqua Warrior settle this fight? Cnys e28.jpg
29 The Uncanny Thunderous Night A thunderstorm comes to pass, a strange occurence unreported by the weather forecast. It seems as if it's caused by a new Pollution Beast, but the monster seems unsure of itself... Cnys e29.jpg
30 Monster In Dreamland With its newfound power, the Electric Beast escapes from its enemies, and recharges its energy in the clouds. Eventually, the Super Warriors track the monster down, whose overconfidence becomes his plight. Cnys e30.jpg
31 Sketching Trip Gone Wrong Our heroes embark on a trip to the freshwater lake to sketch out the environment for a class. Nearby, rapid deforestation takes place, and this gives birth to the Mudstone Beast! Cnys e31.jpg
32 Mudstone Comeback With the Mudstone Beast defeated, the dust finally settles... until it is brought back to life again! How will the Super Warriors take down this behemoth? Cnys e32.jpg
33 Luxury Cruise, Set Sail All onboard the cruise ship! Bai Hong and friends decide to treat themselves to a day of relaxation, but just when all seems to be fine, a new Pollution Beast rampages! And he's no small fry either! Cnys e33.jpg
34 Oceanic Overlord In its own playing field, the Violent Beast is all-powerful! The only way the Super Warriors can defeat it, is by...!? Cnys e34.jpg
35 The Imminent Sandstorm The unusual sandstorms that plague human cities engulf and turn the forests, once thriving with flora and fauna, into barren deserts. In the wake of this disaster, the Super Warriors confront the culprit! Cnys e35.jpg
36 The Purified Forest The Sandstorm Beast follows after its master, the Sinister Beast, and flees into the forest. Given this rare chance to take it down, the Super Warriors must now join forces! Cnys e36.jpg
37 The Stolen Battery Collection Box The Glory Fortress members go on a battery collection drive! The Sinister Beast, running out of ideas, decides to steal one of their battery boxes, and turns it into a new Pollution Beast! Cnys e37.jpg
38 The Beaten Sinister Beast As the Super Warriors face the Battery Beast, Bai Hong and his comrades come face-to-face with the Sinister Beast in an abandoned alleyway. Just what will be the fate of our heroes and villains? Cnys e38.jpg
39 Sonic Waves What a blunder, Tie Tou has forgotten to bring his reading materials! The Aqua Warrior decides to help him out, but is deafened by the sheer cacophony produced by the traffic on the way to his school. Having noticed this, the Sinister Beast comes up with a sinister plan... Cnys e39.jpg
40 The Superpowered Wind Warrior The Sonic Beast, a spiritual successor of the Noise Beast, has its high-frequency waves reverberate across the city, causing many to experience fainting spells. Even the Super Warriors are affected! To stop this menance, the Wind Warrior has to tap into more power...! Cnys e40.jpg
41 Tie Tou Returns Greeting Bai Hong with a big smile, Tie Tou recounts his vacation in the main city, telling of a odd green smog that has caused many to fall ill. Are these the evil machinations of a Pollution Beast? Cnys e41.jpg
42 A Taste Of Your Own Medicine The Flame Warrior exchanges blows with the Photochemical Beast, a highly-potent monster with dangerous abilities, and succumbs to its formidable might. Just when all seems lost, the Primordial Star Dragon appears! Cnys e42.jpg
43 Crystal Skyscraper It's a day off, and Man Man plans to bring along Wind Warrior to visit the brand new shopping complex! Playgrounds, eateries and clothing stores, this mall has it all! From within its brilliant glass panels, however, houses a lurking menance... Cnys e43.jpg
44 Might of Light Drawing power from reflected, glaring light, the Light Beast almost seems unstoppable... in the city, that is! The Super Warriors manage to discover a fatal flaw in its nature, and eventually take the monster down for good. Cnys e44.jpg
45 The Giant Machine Beast The Machine Beast has been repairing and cultivating itself for its next fight against the Super Warriors! Fueled by dark energy and piloted by the Sinister Beast, the duo set out to destroy the Super Warriors once and for all. Cnys e45.jpg
46 Warm-Up Before The Decisive Battle The enlarged Machine Beast appears to be just too much for the Super Warriors to handle. Now, this is the time where they must tap into their innate elemental powers, and unleash their true potential! Cnys e46.jpg
47 Taking The Initiative Given a final chance at redemption, the Sinister Beast contemplates his choices. Meanwhile, the other Super Warriors decide to scout for the villains' base of operations as Wind Warrior recovers. Cnys e47.jpg
48 Reclamation Of The Darkness Crystal The Aqua Warrior tracks the Sinister Beast down to a construction site, and in the ensuing battle, is critically wounded. But our hero does not stop, and almost has the demon in his grasp... until the Darkness Beast makes his untimely appearance!? Cnys e48.jpg
49 Towards The Castle of Darkness The Darkness Beast has made a declaration of war! The Super Warriors had for the Darkness Castle, only to find nobody at home? Cnys e49.jpg
50 Last Man Standing The Darkness Beast's trickery has caused the Aqua Warrior to gravely wound his comrades. Believing himself to be the last man standing, a vengeful Aqua Warrior heads towards the city, his fate sealed... Cnys e50.jpg
51 The Darkness Before Dawn Bai Hong's miracle drug has brought Flame and Wind back from the afterlife! Reunited, the three Super Warriors rendezvous in the Glory Fortress, and prepare for the final battle. Cnys e51.jpg
52 Super Warriors Forever An immense darkness looms over the world, but there is no fear to be had. The Darkness Beast or the Super Warriors... whoever will stand victorious!? Hope willing, they entrust their wishes to the future... Cnys e52.jpg


Voice Actors

  • Liu Yan Xia (刘焰霞), Liu Mei Xuan (刘美萱), Zhou Lin (周琳), Zhang Pin (章品), Zheng Hong Zheng (郑宏帧), Tian Ye (田野), He Jia Qi (何家琪), Wang Fei (王飞), Zhang Chen Xi (张晨希), Na Hong Yin (那鸿鹰)


  • Executive Producers: Gu Hai Fang (顾海芳), Yang Shui Yuan (杨水源)
  • Producers: He Jun (贺军), Chen Yao Hua (陈耀华), Zhou Min (周敏)
  • Co-Producers: Jiang Xing (蒋星), Huang Hai Ming (黄海明)
  • Director: Fan Yi Jing (范一景)
  • Animation Directors: Chen Fan (陈帆), Lin Chuan Wang (林传旺), Chen Yao Hua (陈耀华)
  • Image Designer: Shui Ge (水哥)
  • Screenwriter: Xiao Hu Mei (小虎妹)


Opening Theme
  • Fight on! Super Warriors (战斗吧 超能小勇士 Zhàn dòu ba chāo néng xiǎo yǒng shì)[6]
    • Artist: Xu Ning (许宁)
    • Lyrics: Chen Lian Xin (陈连欣)
    • Composition: Chen Lian Xin (陈连欣), Xiao Zhong Min (肖中民)
Ending Theme
  • Warriors and Us (我们与超人 Wǒ men yǔ chāo rén)[7]
    • Artist: Xuan Xuan (萱萱)
    • Lyrics: Chen Lian Xin (陈连欣)
    • Composition: Chen Lian Xin (陈连欣), Xiao Zhong Min (肖中民)


The Sinic Giants (中华超人 Zhōng huá chāo rén) trademark has been used for other productions.

Xing Yuan Co. Ltd.

Zhcr logo.jpg

Sometime between 2009 to 2011, a live-action Sinic Giant series by Xing Yuan Co. Ltd. was in the works. While production for the show was halted before it was ever released to the public, details about the story and its characters were posted under the company's web profile and revealed through a T.C. Ruishi toy convention booth, mainly the red hero Primordial Star Dragon (元气星龙) and the blue Sky Warrior (飞力士).[2][8][9]

"As mankind unearths ancient secrets, danger approaches quietly. The monsters lurking in the different space are awakened. They have very powerful destructive power and form a monster army, wandering throughout the universe, trying to destroy all civilizations. Their next stop, the Earth! At this critical moment, the Sinic Giant was born and fought the evil monsters to defend humanity."

―Sinic Giant plot synopsis.

Additionally, a sample teaser for a planned Sinic Giant animation by Azure Studio (杭州盛世龙吟数码科技有限公司)[10] was leaked online, further divulging details about the show, teasing at least four Sinic Giant heroes, and featuring characters later adapted for Super Warriors.[11]

Despite the cancellation of the live-action series, the suit made for the show was later used for a stage play held in ​Huanghuagang Theater (黄花岗剧院) in 2013, featuring one of the two main Sinic Giant heroes helping an anthropomorphic forest tribe fight an evil demon king.[12][13]

Nova Productions Co. Ltd.

Dragonblade poster.jpg

Main article: Dragon Blade

In October 2017, Dragon Blade (光影之战 Guāng yǐng zhī zhàn lit. War of Light and Shadow)[14], a Chinese-Malaysian tokusatsu film and theatrical sequel to June 2017's The Beast Girl (猎兽少女队 Liè shòu shào nǚ duì)[15], was released in mainland cinemas, and later on streaming site Youku. The movie was co-produced by Nova Productions Co. Ltd. (广州语新文化发展有限公司), Starry Film Co. Ltd. (广东星语影业有限公司) and Guangxi Film Co. Ltd. (广东省广影业股份有限公司).

The first film introduced Xuanwu War God (玄武战神), followed by Zhuque War God (朱雀战神) in its sequel, ancient heroes based off Chinese mythology that awaken to fight giant monsters.[16] The two characters were labelled under the Sinic Giants (中华超人)[17] brand and alternatively the Demon-Slaying Giants (擒魔超人)[18] brand; these trademarks were filed by Nova Productions Co. Ltd. in late 2018. Interestingly enough, Nova Productions' logo bears a striking resemblance to Xing Yuan's logo, though the film has no relation with any of the latter's productions. Furthermore, the film has been described as "China's Ultraman-style movie".[19] Yang Shui Yuan, executive director of Nova Productions Co. Ltd., has also claimed to be the IP representative of the Ultraman brand in China for 17 years, though the claims remain dubious.[20]

In 2017, Yang Shui Yuan released a press statement, stating that Nova Productions Co. Ltd. had plans to produce four Sinic Giant movies and a television series, with The Beast Girl and Dragon Blade being the first two installments. In addition, the company had plans to introduce three more Sinic Giants to the line-up.[20]

In 2020, it was reported that the third film in the series, Danger Of Species (异种危机 Yì zhǒng wéi jī), was in post-production.[21] A 26-episode television series is set to follow in 2022.[22]

Legal Disputes

Main article: Ultraman Series/Licensing Disputes




  • "Sinic" is based off the word "Sino", a term for China, while "Q" is a Chinese term for chibi, referring to super-deformed characters.
  • Some key items in the series are clear callbacks to items in other franchises:
    • The communicators invented by Bai Hong and used by the three children are based on the Mebius Brace in design.
    • The Tai Chi Eggs are based on Poké Balls in both design and functionality.


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