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Silverbloome[1] (シルバーブルーメ Shirubāburūme) is the first saucer monster and the murderer of MAC Station. It first appears in episode 40 of Ultraman Leo.

Subtitle: Organic Saucer (円盤生物 Enban Seibutsu)



Silverbloome's name was created by combining the English word "Silver," and the German word for Flower, "Bloome", so its name literally means Silver Flower. This could be in reference to the petal like appendages at the base of its body.


Silverbloome is designed after a jellyfish and a Japanese wind chime.


Ultraman Leo

The vile Black Directive had set his evil eyes on Earth, as so many aliens had before him, including a large number in Ultraman Leo’s time alone. Unlike most aliens, Commander Black did not just command one kaiju. Instead, he commanded a total of eleven monsters housed on his homeworld, known as the Saucer Beasts. Upon arriving on Earth, Black was quick to see the threat MAC would present to him, so he called his first pet, Silverbloome to Earth, intending to dispose of them. True to their title, the first of Black's monsters took on the form of a flying saucer to come to Earth. MAC soon detected the strange behemoth on radar while in the midst of a party, but before any attack could be launched or defence mounted, the titan ambushed their space station with relentless fury, tearing into it with his tentacles and spewing acid into its hull, intending to consume it whole. However, most of MAC managed to get into a fighter and try to escape, but Silverbloome wouldn’t have it. The beast quickly grabbed onto the fighter and consumed all on board whole. Realizing with MAC gone, and that he had taught Ultraman Leo everything he could do to help the Earth, Dan vanished into thin air to return to the Land of Light. Before he left, he implored Gen to remain on Earth and defend it in MAC‘s stead. Gen complied and transformed into Leo to survive as the space station was destroyed, latching onto Silverbloome’s body and trying to fight. He was too late to rescue his friends from the destructive beast as it escaped him in order to continue to Earth, where it transformed into its true form. For the first and only time in history, an Ultra’s support group had been utterly destroyed.

Ultraman Leo gutting Silverbloome

After not only consuming the bulk of MAC’s force but then laying waste to a city, Silverbloome was engulfed in a cloud of yellow gas and shrunk down to its smaller form. His rampage left hundreds dead, including several dear friends of Gen. Never before had an Ultra lost so much, let alone to one monster. Silverbloome transformed into a new form, that of a rock, to hide out until his master called him into action once again. A young boy on his way to school picked up Silverbloome, and when he arrived, the inactive Kaiju was placed in his locker. Deciding to keep prey nearby, the monster followed the boy to his class and was found again on the child's desk. The class looked down at the strange rock, arguing over what it was until the teacher dismissed it as just a normal stone and placed it on his desk, totally unaware of the evil it contained. Later that night, the alien floated into the air, preparing to escape, but was interrupted by the teacher returning to examine it. Still wondering what it was, he struck it with a hammer, but Silverbloome was unharmed and remained inactive. Confused, the scientist then tried to heat it using a Bunsen Burner, Which made Silverbloome awaken. Spreading its toxic gas, Silverbloome paralyzed the man then consumed him alive. Finally, Black decided it was time and summoned the monster back to destroy the city.

Silverbloome descended on the city, engulfing and destroying a building with its massive strength. Commander Black watched, laughing as the jellyfish-like space monster laid waste to the city. Content with this show of his awesome might, Black commanded Silverbloome to revert to its smaller form to hide till the time was right. That time came, and Silverbloome returned to its massive size to begin attacking a nearby school, seeking more prey. Gen arrived to help the students escape as the first of the Flying Saucer Beasts continued to attack, sending acid all over the school. After leaving the school in flames, the Kaiju moved on to attack the city itself. Having enough, Gen transformed into Leo, ready to take the creature down and stop its onslaught. He held the monster so the children could be rescued, still, the massive beast was a handful and wrapped him in its tendrils, intending to consume him. However, this would be its undoing as Leo broke free of its tendrils. Leo drove his hands into its mouth and began pulling out whatever his hands latched onto, literally gutting it alive. Disemboweled, Silverbloome was left vulnerable to a blast of the Ultra's Leo Flash, blowing it to bits and avenging his friends that it had killed.


Leo ripping out what's left of MAC's destroyed ship.

  • When Leo guts Silverbloome, the ruined remains of MAC's ship can be seen.
  • Silverbloome is the first and only monster in any Ultraman Series to kill an entire Earth defense team, as seen when he completely wiped out MAC by consuming them with their ship.
  • Silverbloome appears in the manga, The Ultraman Mebius where it was sent by Alien Katan to battle Ultraman Mebius.
  • Silverbloome is the only Saucer Kaiju that has a color other than 'Black' in its name.
  • It is suggested that Silverbloome feeds by converting its food into liquid. This is shown by it leaving yellow fluid after it consumes objects, which could be Gastric Juice.
  • Silverbloome's acid appears to be diluted by rainwater. Shortly before Gen transforms into Leo, some of the acid rains onto the group of kids he was protecting, but they ultimately survive because of the rain.

Ultraman Orb

Silverbloome reappeared in episode six of the series Ultraman Orb as a Kaiju Card used by Alien Nackle Nagus in a card game between Jugglus Juggler and Alien Metron Tarude.


Silver-Bloome I-removebg.png
  • Height: 0.4 ~ 60 m
  • Tentacle Length: up to 120 m
  • Weight: 1.2 kg ~ 10,000 t
  • Origin: Black Star
Powers and Weapons
  • Tentacle Poison (テンタクルポイズン Tentakurul Poizon): Silverbloome is armed with barbed tentacles that can use to ensnare and trap enemies.
  • Size Change: Silverbloome is capable of changing its size at will.
  • Rock Form: To avoid detection, Silverbloome can turn itself into a rock.
    • Telekinesis: While in this form, Silverbloome can float via telekinesis.
  • Swallow: Much like a regular jellyfish, Silverbloome can pull objects into the chamber inside its body, even if they are bigger than Silverbloome himself.
  • Desolution Mist (ディゾリューションミスト Dezoryūshon Misuto): Silverbloome can release extremely toxic and flammable gas spray from the bottom of its body, which was said to be its own digestion enzyme.
  • Saucer Form: Silverbloome can transform itself into a flying saucer in order to travel through space at very high speeds.

Other Media

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3

Silverbloome, as seen in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3

Silverbloome appears in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 as an unplayable character.



Ultraman Leo



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