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Signs of Life is the first episode of Ultraman: Towards the Future. It is also called The Silver Giant (銀色の巨人 Gin'iro no Kyojin) in Japan.


Jack Shindo and Stanley Haggard are the first men to land on Mars. Upon arriving they are met with none other than the strange alien monster Gudis. As Gudis was slowly moving towards them a giant silver humanoid by the name of Ultraman Great came to the rescue. After Gudis pushed Great aside he killed Stanley as he tried to escape in the ship as Jack was trapped by a rock slide. Great quickly got back up and used Burning Plasma to knock Gudis down. Gudis fell dead by the Burning Plasma's true power, but not before he sent a virus to Earth. To save the humans of Earth Jack had become Great's human host and went to Earth.

The next day, Bogun appeared that was created by the Gudis's virus. Bogun changed his appearance from that of a tadpole to a gigantic brute rampaging through the United States. UMA was sent to destroy it, but only succeeded in annoying Bogun. It wasn't long before Jack used the Delta-Plasma pendant to turn into Ultraman Great. As the two clashed, Great seemed to have the upper hand until Bogun used poison gas. However, the ultra persevered and eventually used Burning Plasma to set Bogun on fire.


  • Jack Shindo: Dore Kraus
  • Jean Echo: Gia Carides
  • Colonel Arthur Grant: Ralph Cotterill
  • Kim Shaomin: Grace Parr
  • Charles Morgan: Lloyd Morris
  • Lloyd Wilder: Rick Adams




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