Shunsuke Kuji (久地俊介 Kuji Shunsuke) is the main antagonist of the 2018 novel Tiga, Dyna, and Ultraman Gaia novel: The Adventure in Hyperspace.


Tiga, Dyna, and Ultraman Gaia novel: The Adventure in Hyperspace

Shunsuke was a modeler that worked in the garage kit production team Uchū-dō (宇宙堂"Cosmos"). His affinity for monsters and modeling skills are comparable to his rival, Hiroshi Kashimada and has a rather promising future. One day, when a competition was held to hire a new modeler for the toy company Gigantes (ギガンテス Gigantesu), Shunsuke submitted his prototype Kaiser Gyrares XIII and actually won but due to the man in charge, Naganuma's mistake in accidentally melting it, Shunsuke was forced to spend two days in creating another one but there was no answer from Naganuma.

It turned out that another person had won the competition, who turned out to be the son of a major television station director. Naganuma was revealed to have resign from Gigantes and returned the rebuilt Gyrares without even apologizing to Shunsuke. In his anger, Shunsuke threw it at a nearby river and was contacted by the Red Sphere, which them proceed to bring his creation to life. In its initial test, Kuji used Gyrares to attack the elementary school which Tsutomu Shinsei happened to patrol nearby. While trying to attack the city, Gyrares was met with resistance from Raputer defense drones made by Garland Foundation and retreated from the lack of energy.

Kuji summoned Gyrares once more after five hours which proves its strength by defeating the King of Mons summoned by Hiroshi and his friends. Having destroyed the Gigantes headquarters and killing Naganuma, it proceed to attack the television station director and his son before Takeshi interfered as Ultraman Gaia and finish off the monster. Following the death of Demon Gyrares XIV, Shunsuke regain his senses as he remembers how his adoration for monsters comes from the very same admiration towards the Ultra Series.

Powers and Weapons

  • Red Sphere: The second Red Sphere, which activated as a contingency following the original one's destruction.
    • Plasma Manipulation: When Shunsuke's malice influences the Red Sphere, the object in turn gives him limited manipulation of plasma energy.


  • His characteristics and mannerisms are similar to Akane Shinjo from SSSS.GRIDMAN. It helps that both anime and the novel are written by the same person, Keiichi Hasegawa.
  • Shunsuke's grudge for the winner of the monster designing Grand Prix is rather justified, as it is implied that the victor was a result of nepotism.
  • Shunsuke's assault on Gigantes toy company and the television studio after believing that both companies had wronged him becomes harsher in real life, as in July 2019, an arsonist burned the animation studio Kyoto Animation under the assumption that the studio stole the ideas from his rejected novel submissions.


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