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Azteckaiser with Joe Kanzaki

Shun Takaba (鷹羽 俊, Takaba Shun) is the hero of the Wrestling Tokutatsu series, Pro-Wres no Hoshi Azteckaiser. He becomes the mystical pro-wrestler Azteckaiser (アステカイザー , Asutekaizā) when he battles the evil Black Mist Federation.




After witnessing the death of his brother Daiji, Shun quit wrestling. When Black Mist reappeared a year later to challenge fighters, he was reluctant to fight them. When his coach and friend Jo Kanzaki fights in his place and is about to be killed, Shun intervenes by becoming Azteckaiser. Azteckaiser has a mystical gem on the forehead of his mask called the Star of Aztec, which grants the wearer incredible power.

Powers and Abilities

  • Star of Aztec: The gem on Aztekaiser's forehead, capable of turning himself and his surroundings into anime, allowing Aztekaiser to use special wrestling moves. It also makes him stronger.
  • Wrestling: Because Shun Takaba was a wreslter, Aztekaiser knows and uses fantastic wreslting moves.
  • Vehicle: Aztekaiser drives a large, three wheeled vehicle.


  • After thirty years of being absent, Aztekaiser finally returned for a promotion of the DVD release of his series, fighting Bob the Beast Sapp in a wrestling ring.


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