Shota Minami (南翔太 Minami Shota) is a Japanese Tokusatsu actor who played Rei in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle and Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey, and the voice actor of Reimon. He is also a member of the Ultraman Foundation.

Utraman Foundation Message

"This is Rei. You are doing things based on like or dislike? Surely you are alright because it's you!

And I hope you are always wearing your "smile". Please send your "smile" to your families, friends and teachers. This is the "Ultra Power" which only you can give. Now do me a favour-while we ZAP SPACY members are not able to reach the Earth, please shower the planet with your "smile". I believe you can do that.

Let's meet up again with our smiles".

His Words to all Japanese childrens.

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