Shota Hebikura (蛇倉ヘビクラ 正太ショウタ Hebikura Shōta)[1] is the 34-year-old captain of STORAGE.


He is very athletic and acts as a reliable older brother figure to the team. Hebikura usually puts Haruki through intensive drills in the training room.[2][3]


Ultraman Z

When Haruki Natsukawa was getting reprimanded by Director Kuriyama for being reckless when Yoko Nakashima piloted Sevenger against Gomess, Hebikura apologized in Haruki's behalf before sending him off to do cleanup work. After observing the fight between Ultraman Z and Genegarg, he had to "go to the toilet". Chant My Name!


Powers and Weapons
  • Training: In the same way as Haruki, Hebikura is also athletic and proficient in martial arts. Most of the time, he usually trains Haruki in intensive drills.



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