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Shoot the Invaders! (侵略者を撃て Shinryaku-sha wo Ute) is the second episode of Ultraman.


The story is framed as Mitsuhiro Ide's explanation of how he came to have a black eye. Masanari Nihei's narrates the Japanese version; the provider of his English-language voice does the same in the English version for American audiences.

Late one night, a UFO is spotted over Japan. After a run-in with a strange, insectoid creature that leaves a few humans in suspended animation, a Defense Council meeting is held as to what to do with this potential menace from another world. Captain Muramatsu decides the best way is to attempt to communicate with it. When this goes sour, the aliens, called the Baltanss, take control of Arashi's body and declare their true purpose -- to colonize the Earth with their own race, billions of which are already here, in microscopic form and aboard a cloaked ship.

Ultraman fights the Baltans and uses his "Fluoroscope Ray" to decloak their ship and destroy it.



  • Ultraman (ウルトラマン Urutoraman): Masao Nakasone (中曽根雅夫 Nakasone Masao) (grunts), Nisashi Kondo (近藤久 Kondo Nisashi) (voice)
  • Narrator (ナレーター Nareta): Koji Ishizaka (石坂浩二 Ishizaka Koji)

Suit Actors

  • Ultraman (ウルトラマン Urutoraman): Furuya Toshi (古谷 敏 Toshi Furuya)
  • Alien Baltan (バルタン星人 Barutan Seijin): Takeshi Sato (佐藤武志 Sato Takeshi)




Home Media

  • Ultraman Volume 1 Features Episodes 1-4.
  • Ultraman Complete Series Features All Episodes.
  • The US DVD Release Ultraman Here He Comes From the Sky Features Episodes 1-10.


  • This episode was later featured in Ultraman Retsuden episode 2 "Chase Alien Baltan! The Great Clash in the Air!!."
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