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Separate Guruman.png Because this Kaiju is a character in the show instead of the monster-of-the-week, it has been given its own article. If you're looking for the main page, see Alien Baltan.

Shirubyi (シルビィ) is a Child Baltan (チャイルドバルタン Chairudo Barutan) that appeared in all of the Ultraman Cosmos movies.


Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact

A member of the child Baltan, Shirubyi's homeworld was destroyed after a nuclear war. Her leader, Basical, placed her and all of Alien Baltan children in a chunk of the destroyed Planet Baltan Haitsuki and journeyed across the space to find an appropriate home for them. Seeing Basical's method of taking the Earth from humanity are wrong, she seeks Mari's help as they stole back the Cosmo Stone that was confiscated from Sharks and return it back to Musashi Haruno for the boy to summon Ultraman Cosmos.

After witnessing the battle of the giants and her king's death, she and her comrades lifted their fallen ruler and laid to rest on their Planet as they fled from the Earth.

Ultraman Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet

Shirubyi assist the Alien Gyashi rebuilding the life on their planet after its destruction by Sandros and his Scorpiss army. After Team SEA appeared in Gyashi's hideout, Shirubyi momentarily greeted her old friends, Mari and Musashi before resuming work.

Ultraman Cosmos vs. Ultraman Justice

Accompanying Shau and Jin to Earth, they reveal Musashi's fate to his friends and families after he was defeated by Ultraman Justice as Ultraman Cosmos. Soon, Shirubyi played a crucial part in retrieving Musashi and Cosmos back from the alternate dimension by transferring everyone's lights to them.


  • Height: 1.2 m
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Origin: Planet Baltan
Powers and Weapons
  • Possession: Shirubyi can possess humans like the rest of the Baltans.
    • X-Ray Vision: While possessing a host, Shirubyi can use X-Ray vision.
    • Acceleration: While possessing a host, Shirubyi can run at an incredible speed.
  • Flight: Shirubyi can fly at medium speeds.
  • Energy Manipulation: Shirubyi can convert light energies to her liking. She used this to rescue Musashi and Cosmos from an alternate dimension.



  • Shirubyi is the first female Alien Baltan on screen.
    • She is also the first Baltan whom shows no sign of hostility.
  • Her name is based on the Japanese slang Chibi (ちび or チビ) which means midget, referring to her small stature.
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