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Ship on the Sea of Darkness (暗黒の海のモンスターシップ Ankoku no umi no monsutā shippu) is the thirty-second episode of Ultraman 80.


Ships begin to vanish in the Pacific ocean causing UMG to theorise a monster at work. Takeshi meets young a boy who is somehow involved. Can the mystery be solved before the next ship is gone forever?


Ships begin to vanish in the Pacific ocean. UGM theorizes a monster is behind it. On his way home, Takeshi meets up with a boy named Akira who always plays with his toy boats in that spot. He learns the child's father is on a boat, and that he fears for his father after hearing news of the disappearances. Takeshi promises to protect him. After consuming another vessel, the Barrack Ship rises from the water.







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  • Ultraman 80 Volume 8 Features Episodes 29-32.


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