Shinya Kaburagi (鏑木カブラギ 慎也シンヤ Kaburagi Shin'ya)[1] is a character in Ultraman Z. He was a researcher of GAFJ's Monster Research Center's Biochemistry Research Division (生化学研究部所属 Seikagaku Kenkyū-bu Shozoku)[2][3], though he becomes an unwilling host of the parasitic life form, Celebro as means to operate on Earth.


Ultraman Z

Shinya was originally one of the few workers of Monster Research Center under GAFJ's supervision. In the night after he and his teammates cleaning up Genegarg's remains, Shinya accidentally tripped his delivery canister. He was possessed by Celebro in the middle of cleaning up his mess and once the parasite winning over his host, the possessed man picked up the stolen Z Riser and an orange splinter-like object. Chant My Name!

After successfully reverse-engineering a Kaiju Medal from Jirahs' DNA, Shinya used it during Telesdon's battle against Ultraman Z and Windom. After feeding the Medal to the monster, it mutated into Erimaki-Telesdon. Robot-2 Activation Plan

When Riku Asakura came to Earth, Shinya used the opportunity to abduct him to extract the Belial Factor from his genes, since his attempts at creating the Belial Medal using the Devil Splinters were in vain so far. The Man Returns! After Gillvalis was defeated, Shinya picked up its Valis Raider controller and used the androids to bring his plan to fruition, successfully creating the Belial Medal using Riku's genetics. Using the Belial Medal, he transformed into various Belial Fusion Monsters to fight against Ultraman Z and Ultraman Geed, and had the upper hand against them until Ultraman Zero arrived. Defeated, Shinya attempted to retreat but was stopped by Shouta Hebikura, who he shot in his attempt to escape. Unfortunately, he had left behind his ID tag. His Majesty's Medal

In the ninth episode of Ultraman Z, Kaburagi attempted to steal the Ultra Medals from Yoko Nakashima by posing as a JAERC officer. However, this fails because of the space robot King Joe being controlled by the pirate Alien Barossa intervened.



Like Haruki, Riku, and Juggler, Shinya sets his Ultra Access Card into the Z Riser and then places three Kaiju Medals in the slots before sliding the blade and pressing on the trigger.

"Belial. Ancient Monster. Skull Monster. Kiete karekareta."

―Activation announcement for Skull Gomora

"Belial. Extradimensional Terrible-Being. Space Monster. Kiete karekareta."

―Activation announcement for Thunder Killer

"Ultra Ancient Monster. Ultra Ancient Dragon. Space Combat Beast. Kiete karekareta."

―Activation announcement for Tri-King

"Strange Creature. Space Sea Monster. Kiete karekareta."

―Activation announcement for Five King

Powers and Weapons
  • Hazmat Suit: Apparently due to his line of work, it is possible that Shinya is required to wear a green hazmat suit and an oxygen mask in order to investigate hazardous substances.
  • Z Riser (ゼットライザー Zetto Raizā): A similar device to the one that Haruki and Riku use, "Shinya" uses a model that Celebro stole from the Land of Light.
    • Summoning: With the Z Riser, he can materialize and manipulate monsters.[4]
    • Fake Hero's Gate (フェイクヒーローズゲート Feiku Hīrōzu Gēto): A dimensional gate that allows "Shinya" to access a similar Inner Space to the Ultra Warriors.[1]
  • Kaiju Medals (怪獣メダル Kaijū Medaru): A set of medals created by Celebro from reverse-engineering the Ultra Medals.
    • Enhancement: A Kaiju Medal can be used to enhance a Kaiju using the respective Medal's power.
  • Ultra Access Card (Celebro) (ウルトラアクセスカード セレブロver. Urutora Akusesu Kādo Sereburo Bājon lit. Ultra Access Card Celebro ver.)[5]: The card which bears Shinya's name and image, he sets into the Z Riser as a means of authorization.
  • Kaiju Medal Synthesis Machine: Celebro has a machine hidden in his Fake Hero's Gate, which he uses to create Kaiju Medals.
  • Gun: A custom gun wielded ever since Gillvalis' arrival on Earth. How he obtained it is unknown.
    • Portal: The gun shoots a portal that opens up into deep space. It was used to summon a squad of Valis Raiders.
    • Brainwashing: Using the gun, Kaburagi can brainwash his targets to obey Celebro's will. He uses this to turn a pair of Alien Pitt sisters into his servants.

Kaiju Medals in Possession


Ultraman Z



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