Shinya Kaburagi (鏑木カブラギ 慎也シンヤ Kaburagi Shin'ya)[1] is a character in Ultraman Z. He was a researcher of GAFJ's Monster Research Center's Biochemistry Research Division (生化学研究部所属 Seikagaku Kenkyū-bu Shozoku)[2][3], though he becomes an unwilling host of the parasitic life form, Celebro as means to operate on Earth.


Ultraman Z

Shinya was originally one of the few workers of Monster Research Center under GAFJ's supervision. In the night after he and his teammates cleaning up Genegarg's remains, Shinya accidentally tripped his delivery canister. He was possessed by Celebro in the middle of cleaning up his mess and once the parasite winning over his host, the possessed man picked up the stolen Z Riser and an orange splinter-like object. Chant My Name!


Powers and Weapons
  • Hazmat Suit: Apparently due to his line of work, it is possible that Shinya is required to wear a green hazmat suit and an oxygen mask in order to investigate hazardous substances.
  • Ultra Z Riser (ウルトラゼットライザー Urutora Zetto Raizā): A similar device to the one that Haruki and Riku use, "Shinya" uses a model that Celebro stole from the Land of Light.
    • Summoning: With the Z Riser, he can materialize and manipulate monsters.[4]
    • Fake Hero's Gate (フェイクヒーローズゲート Feiku Hīrōzu Gēto): A dimensional gate that allows "Shinya" to access a similar Inner Space to the Ultra Warriors.[1]
  • Kaiju Medals (怪獣メダル Kaijū Medaru): A set of medals created by Celebro from reverse-engineering the Ultra Medals.
  • Ultra Access Card (Celebro) (ウルトラアクセスカード (セレブロ) Urutora Akusesu Kādo (Sereburo)): The card which bears Shinya's name and image, he sets into the Ultra Z Riser as a means of authorization.


Ultraman Z



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