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Separate Guruman.png Because this Kaiju is a character in the show instead of the monster-of-the-week, it has been given its own article. If you're looking for the main page, see Alien Kanon.

Shinra (シンラ Shinra) is an Alien Kanon, he is one of the major characters in Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA.


In the past, during the fight between the War Deity (Amate's mother) and Gargoron, he was there with Amate protecting her as well as witnessing the fight where Amate's mother died due to sustaining injuries after using her attack as the War Deity. Soon, he witnessed Amate pleading Gargorgon to stop the conflict.

Ever since the death of the previous queen, Shinra has been protective of Amate, to the point of seeing each others as siblings/parent-child alike.


When Psychi sent his threat to Kanon, Shinra refused the plan of either sending her off or using her powers of the War Deity to attack Planet Zain. Under orders of the queen, he was sent to met Psychi, but the negotiation failed to reach agreements from both sides. Glittering Star Upon returning to Kanon, he was given the syringe to collect Amate's blood but likewise, refused to harm the queen in such way. Seeing the Royal Guardsman as an obstacle, Raigou sent an impostor to attack Amate, allowing him to sent the former on an exile. While being escorted, Shinra quickly used the escape pod in hopes of racing back to Kanon but was intercepted by Bezelbs and imprisoned by Psychi. Last ~Fellow~

After Gai, Juggler, Asuka, Micott and Ricca storm Psychi's base, Shinra was rescued by his coworkers and proceed to tell the truth after they board the Suzark. Afterwards ~Tragedy~ Unable to stop his queen from transforming, he was only able to join his planet's army in against the Bezelbs, fighting side-by-side with his rival, Raigou. War Deity (episode) After the Tree of Life moved to Earth because of Juggler's assault, Shinra and Ricca accompany Amate to Earth, meeting Shohei and their allies again. When the party believes that the Queen Bezelb was enslaved by Psychi, Shinra thought of it as a ploy by the monster to draw Amate out, a deduction which proven correct when she transformed into the War Deity and injected by Kugutsu to act as a time bomb. Touch ~Theory~Flower Storm

Furious of how the scientist try to use Amate as a sacrifice, Shinra prepared to kill him but was stopped by Partel, who combined its creator and the queen into a single monster. Heat Haze Nonetheless, he joined Juggler in the final battle by taking down smaller Bezelbs. Great Land ~A New World~

Powers and Weapons

  • Training: As the captain of Kanon Royal Guards, he is also a trained soldier in combat. Among of his skills are:
    • Swordsmanship: Shinra is a skilled swordsman and alongside Raigou, they were among the soldiers capable of taking down 2 m class Bezelb troops.
    • Piloting: Shinra is a skilled pilot in the Kanon fighter jet, Suzark.