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"Did the soul of the boy whom died two years ago works as a messenger for the Nonmalts? No one will be able to provide an answer to the eternal mystery whether the Nonmalts were the original inhabitants of this planet now that all has been lost."

―The narrator's final words in the episode.

Shinichi (真市) was a boy that appeared in Ultraseven.



One day while Dan and Anne were taking a day off, Shinichi approached Anne and asked her for the TDF workers on the Sea Horse and the undersea base to leave the sea. Because of her disbelief with what he said, Shinichi simply left. He also called the TDF Undersea Base and gave the same order while warning them of the consequences that would be brought by Nonmalt, but it was to no avail. The ship and undersea base later exploded in front of Dan and Anne's eyes. While Dan and Anne went out investigating again, Shinichi appeared in front of them and repeated his warning. Anne realized that the boy's way of talking was no different to most alien invaders she met before. Shinichi was chased by TDF soldiers and grabbed by them but a Nonmalt appeared and saved him.

Later, when Dan was about to transform into Ultraseven, Shinichi warned him multiple times of the consequences of his interference but Dan transformed and battled Guyros while the UG destroyed the Nonmalt city with a barrage of torpedoes.

In the aftermath, while the Ultra Guard were enjoying their victory, Shinichi approached to them and gave the last warning that the Nonmalts would have their revenge in the future. Dan and Anne chased him but instead, they found a shocking truth: Shinichi had died two years prior. His mother buried him at the the same beach due to his passion for the sea.


  • It is unknown what Shinichi actually but it can be presumed that he was a restless spirit or a disguised Nonmalt.
    • Though no other Nonmalts demonstrated the ability to disguise, in Heisei Ultraseven, a female Nonmalt did appear in a human form instead.