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Shin Hayata (早田ハヤタ シン Hayata Shin) is the father of Shinjiro Hayata. He was once a member of the SSSP, and had merged with the legendary hero Ultraman, leaving him with the Ultraman Factor in his genes which he passed to his son. Shin still fights to protect the Earth under the title of Ultraman through the reformed SSSP in the modern day to combat the alien threats that loom over the world.



Some forty years after Ultraman left the Earth following his fight with Zetton, Shin had become the Head of the Defense Agency after the SSSP had been disbanded. The Earth had not seen an invasion in years and monster attacks were seen as things of the past. It is shown that Shin, having no memory of his time as Ultraman, gained super strength and durability. These powers are also inherited by his son and it was not until he was informed by Ide about a new threat that he regained his memories of his time as Ultraman's host and learned that his merger and resurrection by Ultraman gave him the Ultraman Factor, which he inadvertently passed on to his son. He also learned that the SSSP was still active but now its main goal was to protect him and his son from becoming lab rats by protecting their secret. However, in the face of this new alien threat, a hero was needed to combat the malignant extraterrestrial interests that targeted the Earth and its people.

Shin preparing for battle

For the next ten years Shin donned a prototype powered armor and battled the mysterious enemy to protect the Earth. During this time Shin served as Earth's 'Ultraman' donning armor based on the giant of light to fend of the alien attacks on earth, kept secret from the public. It is believed that during this time, he became acquainted with and helped a young man that went by the name Jack. Some time later while Shinjiro is a teenager, the two once close duo have grown somewhat distant mainly due to Shinjiro's teenage angst concerning his abnormal strength that he thought he kept a secret from his parents, unaware they knew about it. One night Shin's old enemy returned and attacked his son who he chased to a stadium. Shin arrived in the nick of time to save his boy and revealed to Shinjiro his battle armor. Before he can explain anything in detail Shin picked up his son and threw him into a SSSP carrier plane where Ide was waiting. He then proceeded to battle his old adversary but unlike before Shin's advanced age impaired his abilities and his armor was only a prototype.

Old enemies fight again

Hayata was soon defeated and badly wounded. Bested he could do nothing but wait for his enemy to finish him off, it then that he was saved by his son's timely arrival. From that point Shin was only able to watch the two battle until Shinjiro's victory and Bemular's retreat. Afterwards, Shin was left in a coma due to his wounds.

Shin arrived in time to congratulate his son

After Shinjiro's battle with Alien Adacic, Shin reappeared in hospital garb having come out of his coma and being helped by someone. After hearing about Shinjiro's battle the old warrior decided to rush to the scene to back up his son. He arrived on scene to complement him on a job well done and the fact that he required assistance in walking but still managed to get to the battle ground in time to see Shinjiro's victory is a testament to his commitment to his son.

Shin would later visit the SSSP headquarters, now using a cane. He spoke with Ide and Edo about Shinjiro's well being and also his suspicions. Shin revealed that he did not believe he was in any serious danger as he noticed that with his old age Bemular could've killed him at any time. Shin noted that there was something off about Bemular that he sensed when the two fought.

Shin guided his son throughout his time being Ultraman, giving him moral support. It was upon his return home from the Alien Bris incident that Shin called his son into the living room to speak with him alone. There, the two men spoke of their dislike of killing. Shin explained that the Earth needed Shinjiro right now and that the power he had inherited was in the end a curse they both had to bare.

Later both Hayatas returned to HQ to find Moroboshi in an Ultraman Suit, who restated his early remark that Shinjiro was 'not the only one who could be Ultraman'. Sometime afterwards Shinjiro went on a walk and thought about the current events, his father's and Moroboshi's statements about Ultraman, his reasons for being Ultraman, he was unsure of what to do. It was then he caught a little girl's balloon and upon returning it to her remembered Alien Adacic's victims, among whom were children, it was then he gained a new resolve. No sooner after Ide called him about a situation, stating Moroboshi was busy. Shinjiro rushed to get his suit from a nearby van and proceeded to the scene.

There he found people running and was surprised to see that Jack and Red were the cause of the commotion. Shin and Ide threatened to cancel the Ultraman project if Shinjiro failed their test. Fortunately, Shinjiro learned to fly under his own power, and the fight was ended.

During the battle against Ace Killer, Shin appeared wearing the Protosuit, which now had a helmet. He helped his son deal with the alien mercenaries.

Later on, Shin went to New York to help the others fight against the Golden Fortress, and revealed that his Protosuit had been upgraded. He once more helped Shinjiro by fending off a four-armed alien, stalling it long enough for Shinjiro to arrive and help him kill it with a Spacium Beam. At the climax of the battle, Shin and Shinjiro fired their Spacium Beams at Alien Pedan, the leader of the Star of Darkness. Their combined efforts were still not enough, so Shin asked Bemular for help. He agreed to lend a hand, and the three of them finally destroyed the Pedan. After the battle was over, Shin revealed Bemular's true identity to Shinjiro.


Shin Hayata wore the Protosuit (プロトスーツ Purotosūtsu), a prototype Ultraman Suit, which was made by Ide as a means to focus the power of the Ultraman Factor within him so that he could become Ultraman once again to combat alien threats that were targeting the Earth. The Protosuit was further upgraded into the Convenience Prototype with an added mask for extra protection and an updated Spacium Core during his battle against Ace Killer. During the battle of New York, Shin had donned the new Ultraman Suit Ver. Z (ウルトラマンスーツ Ver. Z Urutoraman Sūtsu Ver. Z) fitted with new Spacium Cores, and went under the moniker of "Zoffy" after passing the title of "Ultraman" to his son instead.


  • Height: 175 cm, 185 in Protosuit
  • Weight: 68 kg, 140 kg in Protosuit
  • Age: 68 years old

Powers and Weapons

Own Powers

  • Piloting Skills: Shin is a trained SSSP pilot prior to it being disbanded.
  • Marksmanship: Shin was trained to handle former SSSP weaponry, how much of his training he has retained is unknown
  • Combat Training and Experience: Shin has fought as the SSSP's Ultraman for nearly ten years during which time he defeated Bemular. Despite his suit not having weaponry like Shinjiro's Shin would've won if not for his old age slowing him down.
    • Reflexes: Due his fighting experience, Hayata has excellent reflexes having dodge a point blank attack from Bemular aimed at his face. However it has been made clear that his age has lowered his mobility.
  • Ultraman Factor: Due to his merger and resurrection by Ultraman, Shin's body now contains Ultra DNA, also known as the Ultraman Factor, giving him superhuman abilities.
    • Superhuman Strength: Shin possess superhuman strength as a result of his merger with Ultraman, he was strong enough to defeat Bemular ten years ago but his strength was reduced with age. Even so he was strong enough to throw his teenage son several hundred feet into the air.
    • Durability: Like his son, Hayata is more durable than a normal person, surviving wounds that would kill him if he didn't posses his powers.
    • Extraordinary Agility: Hayata can leap incredible heights and distances and land from several hundred feet in the air without ill effect.

Via Protosuit

  • Focus: The suit focuses his strength, although the power is his, Shin's combat ability is greater when wearing the suit.
  • Protection: The suit gives Shin added protection against attacks although not as great as Shinjiro's armor.
Ultraman Suit Ver. Z
  • Spacium Beam: Shin's new suit allowed him to fire a Spacium Beam.



  • In the ULTRAMAN continuity, Shin is officially the first Ultra/Human hybrid as a result of his merger with Ultraman.
  • Shin himself confirmed that he had been in over sixty battles as Ultraman since he first gained the suit.
  • Before he was overwhelmed during his battle with Bemular, Shin took up the fighting stance that Ultraman had used so many times before, a fitting nod to the original series. Later, Shinjiro would adopt this same stance.
  • Despite his defeat at Bemular's hands, it is stated by several character and hinted by dialogue between the two that Shin defeated the alien ten years ago. This simply shows how much his powers had waned with old age. Shin later stated that he realized he was no match for the revived alien during their rematch and that Bemular was actually not trying to kill him.
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