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Shin Hayata is the main protagonist of The Rise of Ultraman and its sequel The Trials of Ultraman. Originally a normal human who was caught up in the USP's secret conspiracies with the arrival of Kaiju, he was merged with Ultraman after the alien had been stranded on Planet Earth.


Smart and curious, but brave and moral, Shin was a young man who wanted to help people and who, with help from his friend Kiki, was able to discover the secret of the USP. Since then he has had a falling out with the organization, due to the excessive secrecy but also bull headed approach to dealing with Kaiju and alien encounters.

Unlike other members of the USP, Shin was not one to blindly follow orders, and kept an open mind about things, which lead to his merger and reconciliation with the alien being he shot.


The Rise of Ultraman

As youths, Shin and his friend Kiki Fuji somehow found out about the USP and were fascinated by its mission, and sought out the organization. At one point they were attacked in a building by a monster, and saved by a USP agent.

Years later, the two managed to find and joined the organization, but while Kiki went on to become a full agent, Shin was unable to make it in, the core reason being unable to put aside his personal beliefs and standards to agree with the organization's methods.

After following a USP operation, and saving Captain Muramatsu from a Kaiju, he and Kiki were later called by the captain to meet up. There the captain gave him a weapon and the three investigated the crashed ship, that had been shot down, a red orb. Despite initially firing on the glowing golden giant that emerged, as he had been instructed, Shin's conscience won out, and he tried to make amends. As he touched the giant the two were enveloped in a vortex of energy, cutting them off from the inside but merging their minds in an inner realm where they discussed the others past, intentions and the problems at hand. After nineteen hours, the two reached an understanding and became one. In the aftermath, Shin was found passed out and brought to the USP base to recover. When Shin woke up, he was greeted by Director Ichinotani, who wanted his help to retrieve Kiki from Doctor Yamamoto's hideout.

Once on site, Ultraman allowed Shin to transform using the Beta Capsule and fight against two Neronga, despite the two of them being made aware of the dangers imposed on them by their incomplete merger. After managing to defeat them, Shin had the secrets of the K-Ray revealed to him by Doctor Yamamoto, who had just sent Kiki to an alternate dimension. It was then that Ultraman informed him that the dimension that the K-Ray sent Kaiju to was Limbo, a gateway to the Monster Graveyard. Ultraman appeared once again when Shin was sent to was sent to Limbo to retrieve Kiki, using a USP K-Ray to exit the dimension. However, a giant Bemular had followed them out the same way.

Hoping to stop it, Ultraman returned to his normal giant size and fought the creature, holding it for Kiki to help evacuate citizens. During this time she used Shin's communicator to talk to them and relayed her discovery that it was a creature the organization fought back when it was known as "Ultra Q". It was also now that Dr. Yamato appeared in a stolen USP VTOL attacking Ultraman. He wished to let the truth about the Kaiju be known by letting Bemular rampage, a disaster the USP would not be able to cover up. Ultraman spoke to everyone convincing them that the path of fear would not lead to any solutions, and convinced Yamato to assist him. With the Doctor's assistance, Ultraman was able to strike down Bemular with his Spacium Beam, ending the monster completely.

Later on, Shin and Ultraman, after convincing the USP director, shattered the vault in a controlled manner, deciding to deal with the problem directly, instead of allowing the vault to burst and create an unsolvable problem in a Kaiju Crisis. The Rise of Ultraman


Shin raises the Beta Capsule in the air and presses the button on the side to transform in a flash of light.

Powers and Weapons

  • Implants: Implants near his ears prevent his memories from being erased by USP's devices.
  • Training: While he did not become a full member, he was trained by the USP in use of their weapons
  • Engineering: Shin has enough scientific and engineering knowledge to build a Kaiju energy tracker on two separate occasions.
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