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Shigeki Kagemaru (影丸 茂樹 Kagemaru Shigeki) is a Japanese actor and voice actor. His real name is Shigeki Naito (内藤 繁樹 Naito Shigeki). Although Kagemaru had participated in various works by Tsuburaya Productions, his most popular role is as Tetsuo Shinjoh in Ultraman Tiga.


Year Title Role Notes
1993 Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero Arthur Mendes Japanese voice dub
Episode 10
1994 Ultraseven - Operation: Solar Energy Kaji
Ultraseven - Planet of the Earthlings
1996 Ultraman Tiga Tetsuo Shinjoh
Ultraman Super Fighter Legend Ultraman Jack Voice
1997 Ultraman Dyna Tetsuo Shinjoh
1998 Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light
1999 Ultraseven: The Final Chapters Kaji
2000 Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey Tetsuo Shinjoh
Ultraman Neos Hironobu Uematsu
2001 Ultraman Cosmos Dr. Noboru Kawaya
2003 Ultraman Boy's Ultra Coliseum Tetsuo Shinjoh Episode 64
2004 Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy Detective Tamaki
2005 Ultraman Nexus Shigeki Takatsuki
2006 Mirrorman REFLEX Detective
Ultraman Mebius Kadokura
Bio Planet WoO Ichiro Gonda
2007 Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Hiroki Haruna
2008 Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers Director of FM Yokohama Shinjoh


Year Title Role Notes
2001 Ultraman Festival 2001 Ultraman Tiga Voice
2011 Ultraman Premier 2011 Shusaku Kiriyama


  • As with a handful of actors in Tsuburaya Productions, Shigeki used to be affiliated with Tsuburaya's own talent agency, until its disbandment in 2013.
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