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Shieldron (シルドロン Shirudoron) is an insectoid Kaiju from Ultraman Dyna who appeared in episode 5 "Winning Shot". Another Shieldron, Clone Shieldron (クローンシルドロン Kurōn Shirudoron), was a clone of the original Shieldron who appeared in episode 16, "Battle! Monster Island".

Subtitle: Mutant Insect (変異昆虫 Hen'i konchū)


Ultraman Dyna

Shieldron was a insect who mutated into a thick, oil/chemical drinking beast. He was seen doing wreckage to a chemical factory but did not attract the attention of Super GUTS since they were watching a game at a baseball stadium. After they finally got their heads screwed on right, they attacked Shieldron using the GUTS Eagle; but could not since Shieldron's third eye can sense the bullets and can raise his arms to deflect all shots. Eventually, Ultraman Dyna had to show up and take on the creature, but could not even dent the beast due to his danger predicting eye and his barrier-like arms. Soon, Dyna's Color Timer began to flash. Suddenly; the pitcher on Asuka's old baseball team showed up and taught Dyna how to use the Ultra Fork; an attack where Dyna concentrates his Solgent Beam into a baseball and hurls it. Although the first shot was deflected, Dyna did not give up and threw the second ball under Shieldron's arms and hit him in the stomach. After being hit in his weak spot; Shieldron fell over and exploded. Winning Shot

Shieldron was recreated on an island and purposely used as a test item for Clone Silvergon. The two eventually fought and, although Shieldron deflected most of Silvergon's attacks, it was soon knocked down by Silvergon's powerful tail and beaten to death when Silvergon rammed his tail on Shieldron's head repeatedly. Battle! Monster Island


  • Suit actor: Toshio Miyake.
  • Although a cloned monster, Clone Shieldron greatly varies from the original. Also in comparison to the original Shieldron, Clone Shieldron's color scheme is reddish purple (or magneta/pink) instead of brown.




  • Height: 63 m
  • Weight: 46,000 t
  • Origin: High purity power lines near mountains
Powers and Weapons
  • Armored Forearms: Shieldron's arms are covered with hard plates that can deflect any attack.
  • Danger Predicting Sensor: Shieldron has a third "eye" that can foresight attacks.

Clone Shieldron

Clone Shieldron

  • Height: 64 m
  • Weight: 47,000 t
  • Origin: Zarina Zone
Powers and Weapons
  • Armored Forearms: Clone Shieldron's arms are covered with hard plates that can deflect any attack.

Other Media

Mega Monster Battle NEO: Ultra Monsters Arcade Game

Shieldron's game card

Shieldron reappeared as a card in this arcade game with the ability: Straight Combat is Powerful (ストレートには滅法強い Sutorēto ni wa meppō tsuyoi). This card is an ability card (yellow), and its ability is that it will let your defense increase for this round, and that your opponent will only guard (meaning that their speed will be lowered sharply).


The Shieldron figures

Both versions of Shieldron where only released once by Bandai in their 1998 Ultra Monster Series. Both toys have became rare in recent years and is valued by collectors. Both toys share the same mold and both have the same paintjob patterns as well, with highlights of yellow for Shieldron and purple for Clone Shieldron on the neck, torso, and thighs. Intricate pattern can also be found on the tail. There are much controversy surrounding the Clone Shieldron figure, as Bandai had not bothered to mark the foot of the toy as a clone, just like the Clone Shieldron toy. However, the toys are still eye candy and can be tons of fun for anyone, little kids and adults alike. Shieldron was tagged as 116 and Clone Shieldron was tagged 116-EX.


Ultraman Dyna


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