Shadowman (シャドウマン, Shadouman) first appeared in Ultraseven episode 33.

Subtitle: Resuscitated Phantom (蘇生怪人, Sosei Kaijin)


  • Height: None 
  • Weight: None 
  • Origin: Graveyard



One day,the Ultra Garrison accidently ran over a man in black, but it was determined in an autopsy that he had been dead for a long time. Later that day, another man identical to him was found trespassing on the Ultra Garrison's base with several others of his kind that were soon located. The medical examiner called them Shadowmen because they lacked any identity. That night one of the corpses revived itself and soon infiltrated the base through stealthy means. After Shadowman was spotted in the medical lab it turned out that one of the corpses were missing. As they were trying to find him, Shadowman was stealing an important piece of equipment with one of his clones while they were in shadow form. Suddenly they triggered an alarm.

With no other choice Dan turned into Ultraseven, but was soon shrunken down to a tiny size by several Shadowmen and trapped under a drinking glass. However, upon the Shadowmen leaving Ultraseven used the Emerium Mini-Shot to start a fire, setting off an alarm. The Ultra Garrison soon found Dan unconscious. At the same time, Shadowman used the device from the safe to activate a code to a special weapon, although he had to flee before it could be ready for usage. The Ultra Garrison managed to locate Shadowman around an abandoned house with a strange antenna on it that was actually a communicator for a battleship in space.

Dan was sent into space, but was overpowered by the space craft and was forced to become Ultraseven again. However, as Ultraseven approached the craft, it fired blue energy bolts that paralyzed him and he was soon seized by four flying saucers. Just as the hero became encapsulated beneath the space ship, the Ultra Garrison arrived to dogfight the saucers and managed to damage the capsule enough for Ultraseven to escape. With his four saucers shot down, Shadowman tried to retreat, but his spaceship was soon destroyed by Ultraseven 's Wide Shot.

Powers  and Weapons

  • Self Revive: Shadowman can revive himself if his body remains intact.
  • Clones: Shadowman can create clones of himself.
  • Shadow Morph: Shadowman can turn himself into a tangible shadow.
  • Intangibility: Shadowman can become intangible at will.
  • Mist: Shadowman can morph his body into a white mist that can shrink foes. This mist can also render humans unconscious.
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