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"This is the Robot Monster Sevenger, which was held inside the Monster Ball. Since Seven can't transform, the Land of Ultra has given him a new weapon."

―Narrator, Ultraman Leo episode 34, "Ultra Brothers, Eternal Vows"

Sevenger (セブンガー Sebungā)[1][2] is a Capsule Kaiju who first appeared in Ultraman Leo, as the fourth official member of Ultraseven's set of Capsule Monsters. After a long absence, a second Sevenger appears in Ultraman Z, this time as a human-built machine and part of STORAGE's arsenal[2].


  • Original: Monster Ball (怪獣ボール Kaijū Bōru)
  • STORAGE: Special Airborne Armor 1 (SC-1) (特空機1号 Tokkū-ki Ichi-gō lit. Special Aircraft #1)[3][4]
    • Underwater: Underwater Combat Equipment Mounted Type (水中戦闘装備搭載型 Suichū Sentō Sōbi Tōsai-gata)
    • Space: Re-Special Airborne Armor 1 (特空機1号改 Tokkūki Ichi-gō Kai)[5]


Ultraman Leo

One of the most powerful Capsule Monsters to be created from the Land of Light, Sevenger was encased inside a capsule-like object and was on his way to Earth, being transported by Ultraman Jack to Dan Moroboshi, as Dan couldn't transform due to his Ultra Eye being broken. Unfortunately, Jack was ambushed by the space monster Ashuran, and Sevenger was lost on Earth during the battle.

Once Jack and Ashuran landed on Earth, Ashuran went on a rampage, destroying anything in his sights while facing off against MAC. Meanwhile, Jack (as Hideki Go) was trying to locate Sevenger's ball to stop the monster. Upon locating it, Jack returned to assist MAC and gave the ball to Dan, who desperately used the capsule, unleashing Sevenger to battle the monster itself. Surprisingly, Sevenger was able to handle Ashuran in battle with ease, easily beating down the monster despite all that was thrown at it. Even when Ashuran managed to throw Sevenger to the ground, the heroic machine responded by simply rolling over its adversary before getting to its feet and unleashing yet more powerful punches and slaps. However just as it seemed Sevenger was about to finish off Ashuran, it retreated back into his ball in a flash of bright light, having ran out of time.

With Sevenger out of action, Ashuran grew cocky, as he knew that the three Ultras were unable to stop him for the time being. Fortunately, Sevenger's efforts were not in vain, as Jack and Leo faced the demon in battle and swiftly took him down.

Afterwards, Sevenger remained with Dan while Jack returned to repair the Ultra Eye, and has remained in his possession ever since.


  • Shortly after Sevenger retreats, the narrator points out that Sevenger would have won the fight if it fought for another ten seconds - "So close! If only he had ten more seconds, he could have beaten Ashuran."
  • In the 2001 Ultraman Leo magazine, Sevenger's one minute limitation was hypothesized as a weakness invoked on its creators' part, since the Monster Ball could end up falling into the wrong hands.
  • Sevenger was added into Ultraman Leo as children watching the show pointed out how while Dan could not transform into Ultraseven, he used his Capsule Kaiju in his own series whenever such a problem arose. [6]

Ultraman Ginga

Sevenger along with many other monsters are seen cheering on Ultraman Ginga as he fights Dark Galberos.

It is likely that Sevenger returned to space in its original form after Ultraman Ginga defeated Dark Lugiel.

Ultraman Z

Sevenger was the very first anti-monster robot built for use by STORAGE, and is also used for disaster-relief missions such as removing rubble. When fighting, Sevenger's neutral eye expression changes to become serious. Its pilots are Haruki Natsukawa and Yoko Nakashima on a rotation shift.[7][2] Sevenger's first fight was against a Namegon, after GAF America failed to capture, leaving it unchecked for two weeks. Sevenger's success convinced GAFJ that robots were a viable option as anti-monster weapons.[8]

Sevenger Fight

Sevenger battles against a host of monsters, aliens and robots, with both familiar faces and lesser-known characters facing him in battle.

Ultraman Z cont.

Eventually, Sevenger was used less and less by STORAGE as successively stronger threats began targeting Earth, and was finally decommissioned by GAFJ after it was defeated in battle by Grigio Raiden, with the success of King Joe STORAGE Custom being a primary motivator for its retirement. After being repaired, Sevenger was sent to a museum to promote the SC. Four-Dimensional Capriccio

Though it seemed as if Sevenger would never be used again, Kojiro Inaba devoted some of his spare time to keeping the machine in full working order, and continued to do so after STORAGE was disbanded following the team's attempts to prevent the D4 Ray from being used. Sevenger was later reactivated by Yoko after Alien Barossa III attacked, and proved crucial in the battle that ensued, joining up with Z and King Joe STORAGE Custom in fighting Barossa and Five King. With the help of King Joe's Separate Mode and the Beliarok, who was convinced by Yoko to let Sevenger wield him (thus becoming the third being to use the Beliarok, after Z and Alien Barossa II), Sevenger defeated Barossa with a three-way improvised combination technique, the Sevenger Wave Riding Special Slash, in which Sevenger strikes at the opponent with the Beliarok whilst standing atop King Joe's Leg Carrier traveling at high speed. Individual Tomorrows

"It may be an antique, but it's still useful!"

Kojiro Inaba

Despite being the weakest of the three Special Airborne Armor Units that remained, Kojiro Inaba managed to reclaim Sevenger for the final battle to assist Windom and King Joe SC in rescuing Yoko from Destrudos, going as far as to provide a spare battery for Windom as well. Alongside King Joe SC and Windom, Sevenger stood down during the final minutes of the battle to make way for Z's last stand against Destrudos, the three machines having proven pivotal in paving the way for Z's eventual victory. Warriors Shining Beyond


  • Sevenger is featured as STORAGE's emblem, indicating that the machine serves as a flagship robot for the organization.
  • Within a week since the premier of Ultraman Z, soft vinyl figurines of Sevenger were sold out quickly in Japanese stores.[9]
  • Sevenger's Rigid Core Iron Fist Rocket is reminiscent of Mazinger Z's Rocket Punch, in which the machine fires off its clenched fist and forearm at opponents to strike them from a distance, then the arm returns to automatically reattach to Mazinger Z's body.
  • Inaba piloting it with a hand drill is an in-joke to his actor's role of Lt. Koji Shinjo in the 1994 Toho movie Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, who was one of the pilots of MOGUERA (the mecha itself having a pair of drills for arms) in the battle against the space monster.

Sevenger Fight cont.

Following the conclusion of Ultraman Z, Sevenger was fully promoted back to being one of STORAGE's primary operating units, and was eventually given an additional configuration for operation in outer space and on other planets, being designated as Space Sevenger. On one of its initial missions, in which it journeyed to a planet inhabited only by monsters in search of Z, Sevenger was ambushed by the monsters and was severely outnumbered. The Lawless Monster Planet Fortunately, Z and Juggler arrived to help Sevenger, and the trio took down the monsters that had been threatening the machine. The Return of the Red Guy

Returning to Earth, Sevenger fought Beam Missile King,The Fortress Robot of Horror Gandar and Pestar Burning! Freezing! Hell!! before facing a second tag-team battle, this time from a group of aliens and a single monster composed of Alien Akumania, Alien Boze, Alien Kettle, Oni-on and Satan Beetle. Leo arrived and joined Sevenger in fighting the group, with the two ending up being the victors of the ensuing confrontation. Time for the Eye of the Lion to Shine

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Space Sevenger chasing Barossa IV

A fourth Alien Barossa arrived on Earth, stealing King Joe STORAGE Custom. Ultraman Z and Space Sevenger gave chase, with Yoko in the pilot's seat. As the two were about to catch the pirate, he connected Bullton's two parts, sucking everyone into its dimensional wormhole. As Sevenger was about to be sucked in too, Z held the machine back, leaving it and Yoko inside the only ones to not be sent to the Earth in Ultraman Trigger's universe.Inter Universe



Sevengar Render.png

  • Height: Micro ~ 58 m
  • Weight: 0 ~ 33,000 t
  • Origin: Nebula M78
  • Weakness: Sevenger can only last for 1 minute in battle before retreating into its capsule. The Monster Ball can only be used once every 50 hours.
Powers and Weapons
  • Missiles: Sevenger has cannons in its fingertips that can fire missiles.
  • Sheer Strength: Sevenger is skilled at hand-to-hand combat, being able to deliver extremely strong punches and slaps with his sturdy arms, and can manhandle opponents up close. Should Sevenger be knocked down, he will respond by rolling towards the opponent to knock them down before getting back upright.

SC-1 Sevenger


  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 38,000 t
  • Origin: STORAGE Hangar
  • Weakness: Sevenger's operating limit is 3 minutes per sortie. After each minute, Sevenger will eject one of its three battery packs from its back as they deplete. When not in use, Sevenger can be recharged by supplying electricity to its battery packs via a charging cable.
Powers and Weapons
  • Rigid Core Iron Fist Rocket (硬芯鉄拳弾 Kōshin Tekken-dan)[10]: Sevenger can launch its fist like a missile.
  • Jetpack: For long-distance transportation from GAFJ base, Sevenger can use its jetpack to get to the emergency location. The jetpack uses a separate fuel instead of Sevenger's battery reserves.
  • Neronga Neutralization Device: Fired from its "mouth" grill, Sevenger was equipped with a device that could disrupt and release Neronga's electrical charge into the air when fired at the base of its horn.
  • Beliarok: Sevenger is one of three beings allowed by the Beliarok to wield it, the others being Alien Barossa II and Ultraman Z himself.
    • Energy Slash: By swinging the Beliarok, Sevenger can swipe at opponents with a purple energy slash.
  • Sevenger Wave-Riding Special Slash (セブンガー波乗りスペシャルスラッシュ Sebungā Naminori Supesharu Surasshu): A three-way combination attack between Sevenger, King Joe STORAGE Custom and the Beliarok. Sevenger stands atop King Joe's Leg Carrier while wielding the Beliarok, then the Leg Carrier is propelled at high speed towards the target. Once the target is within range, Sevenger strikes at the opponent with the Beliarok.
  • Super Rigid Core Drill Fist (超硬芯回転鉄拳 Chō Kōshin Kaiten Tekken): An optional armament for the right arm once discarding the Rigid Core Iron Fist Rocket. A hand drill, it was only seen used alongside Windom's Fast-Rotating Rigid Core Iron Fist in an effort to punch through Destrudos' Majaba head.
Sevenger Fight
  • Sevenger Haze Slash (セブンガーかすみ斬り Sebungā Kasumi Giri): An attack used against Jirahs. It was taught to Haruki by Bako.
  • SAA Support Weapon 40mm General Purpose Autocannon (特空機支援火器40ミリ汎用機関砲 Tokkūki Shien Kaki Yonjū-miri Han'yō Kikanhō): Developed by Kojiro Inaba, Sevenger can wield an enlarged version of the Japanese Howa Type 89 rifle. It was only seen being used during Sevenger's battle against Eleking in Sevenger Fight, and immediately jammed when Sevenger tried to use it, with the weapon's first successful shot being ironically fired by Eleking, the very monster Sevenger was tasked with using the weapon to take down.
  • Type 20 Bayonet Type-2 (20式銃剣2型 Nijū-Shiki Jūken Nigata): A small dagger used for combat in against beam Missile King and monster armies in Suflan Island. The weapon resembles Redman's Red Knife.
Fight! Sevenger
  • Finisher: Monster Crushing Headbutt (必殺・怪獣破砕頭突き Hissatsu Kaijū Hasai Zuzuki): A headbutt attack used against Crazygon in the manga Fight! Sevenger.[11]
  • Sevenger Explosive Arm Throw (セブンガー爆裂上手投げ Sebungā Bakuretsu Uwatenage): A sumo technique that was used to bring Jirangon back to the mountain it came from.
  • Hundred Fierce Crushing Hands (百裂破砕張手 Hyakuretsu Hasai Harite): An attack used to seal the hole which Jirangon came out from.
  • Giant Hand Fan: In chapter 4, a giant hand fan was originally used by Yoko-piloted Sevenger to perform Nihon-buyō. Since it was made entirely by Inaba using a special metal, this allows Yoko/Sevenger to use it a la Tessenjutsu to kill Majaba in Australia in a single hit.
  • Sevenger Explosive Dryer (セブンガー爆熱ドライヤー Sebungā Bakunetsu Doraiyā): Instead of flying, Sevenger uses its jetpack to unleash propulsion heat in order to dry up Red Smogy back to its gaseous form.
  • Sevenger Rocket Piledriver (セブンガーロケット脳天落とし Sebungā Roketto Nōten Otoshi): By purging its rocket boosters to achieve flight by grabbing onto each cylinders, Sevenger's legs grab the opponent and performs a piledriver attack.

Underwater Sevenger

Underwater Sevenger render.png
To combat the threat on Diplas in underwater area, Bako lead his men into modifying Sevenger as a water-oriented combat robot, to which they declare as Underwater Sevenger (水中セブンガー Suichu Sebungā).

Powers and Weapons
  • Type 18 120mm Monster Cannon (18式120mm捕獣砲 Jūhachi-Shiki Hyakunijū Mirimētoru-to Jūhō): A harpoon gun used by Sevenger to intercept Deeplus underwater.
  • Jetpack: Even in underwater, Sevenger's jetpack is functional for the robot to escape to the surface.

Space Sevenger

At some point after Haruki/Z's departure from Earth, STORAGE upgraded Sevenger to be as strong as King Joe STORAGE Custom as well as the capability to explore the outer-space designated Space Sevenger (宇宙セブンガー Uchū Sebungā). Yoko piloted it together with Yuka in their outer space trip to test out the warp technology. As part of the upgrade, Sevenger was given a high performance battery with an indeterminate time limit, allowing Sevenger to remain active for significantly longer periods of time.

  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 38,000 t
  • Origin: STORAGE Hangar
  • Weakness: Space Sevenger's external oxygen tubes are completely exposed, and can be detached during combat.
Powers and Weapons
  • Warp Navigation (ワープ航法 Wāpu Kōhō): For interstellar travel, Sevenger is capable of warp drive to faraway destinations. The system was made through analysis of Bullton's inter-dimensional powers.
  • Binocular Vision: By turning a switch on the side of its eyes in a similar manner to using binoculars, Sevenger can focus on objects from a long distance away.
  • Type 20 Multi-Purpose Taser Baton (20式多用途電磁警棒 Nijū-Shiki Tayōto Denji Keibō): An electromagnet-empowered baton used as a melee weapon in against inhabitants of a monster planet. The baton resembles the Pedan Stick weapon used by Dail.
Ultraman Trigger
  • Super Rigid Core Drill Fist (超硬芯回転鉄拳 Chō Kōshin Kaiten Tekken): An optional armament for the right arm once discarding the Rigid Core Iron Fist Rocket.


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