Segmeger (セグメゲル Segumegeru)[1] is a poisonous, space kaiju that debuted in episode 5 of Ultraman Taiga, in which an individual served as a planet-invasion monster under the control of Alien Seger Aoi.

Subtitle: Poison Flame Monster (毒炎怪獣 Doku En Kaijū)[1]



Its name is derived from Egyptian goddesses, Sekhmet and Meretseger.[2]


Due to the origin of its name, Segmeger's design comes from snakes and lions and is meant to look like a snake from the side and lion from the front. 


Ultraman Taiga

Segmeger is one of many planet-invading monsters used by the Alien Seger used to conquer planets with suitable conditions for their race. One Seger named Aoi decided to attack Earth with her own Segmeger.

Segmeger first fought Ultraman Taiga, poisoning his left arm with the Seger Flame, which transferred the damage over to Hiroyuki Kudo as well. Taiga destroyed it using the Strium Blaster after a brief fight, but Hiroyuki had to get a cast over his arm afterward. Alien Damara then came into the EGIS base to warn them that his planet was destroyed by Segmeger, and that it would continue to return as long as its summoner was still around.

Aoi summoned Segmeger again after she thought that Pirika Asahikawa, whom she met recently and became friends with for a short time, was spying on her. Taiga, Fuma, and Titas fought against Segmeger but their efforts were insufficient even when Taiga blasted it with the Mons Beam Ray. Ultraman Fuma also had a difficult time with Segmeger and switched with Ultraman Titas, who chopped its tail off. Titas was sprayed with Segmeger's poison blood that came gushing out of its wound, disorienting him, which allowed Segmeger to knock him down. Pirika managed to convince Aoi to do the right thing, so she used her crystal ball to give up her life force, which then entered Titas and healed him. Titas then pounded Segmeger and finished it off with the Electro Buster, turning it into a ring that Hiroyuki collected. The Future You Decide


  • Designer: Daisuke Inomoto (Completed), Kiyotaka Taguchi (Initial)
  • Suit Actor: Hiroyuki Arai
  • Segmeger was initially imagined as a guardian deity of the stars, fitting the origin of its name being derived from that of two Egyptian goddesses.[2]
  • According to Kiyotaka Taguchi who made Segemeger's initial design before Daisuke Inomoto modified it, Segmeger in the past likely looked different to its appearance in Taiga, believing it had deteriorated from its original beauty from overuse in planetary conquest.

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

Segmeger is set to reappear in the movie. Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

Ultraman Z

Segmeger was one of the many monsters affected by the Devil Splinters and turned berserk. It is seen rampaging alongside a Bemstar and a Majappa.


  • Height: 57 m
  • Weight: 45,000 t
  • Origin: Summoned by Alien Seger Aoi
  • Weakness: Segmeger's poisons are neutralized by its own summoner's life force.
Powers and Weapons
  • Seger Bite (セゲルバイト Segeru Baito): Segmeger uses it sharp teeth to bite an opponent.
  • Seger Flame (セゲルフレイム Segeru Fureimu)[1]: Segmeger can unleash purple poisonous flames from its mouth. It produces a purple glow where the target is hit but recedes shortly after, leaving a purple gel-like substance.
  • Flame Vortex (フレイムボルテクス Fureimu Borutekusu): Segmeger can emit a swirling, pale fire from its mouth. Can also be used to form a barrier.
  • Poisonous Physiology: Segmeger's body naturally produces poisons, and can also use its blood to disorient its attacker should its appendages be dismembered.
  • Tail: Segmeger can wrap its tail around an enemy to hold them in place.


Ultraman Taiga

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

Ultraman Z



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