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Sedegan (セーデガン, Sēdegan) is a large-nosed Kaiju that is one of the many new age Ultra Q monsters to appear in Neo Ultra Q.

Subtitle: Stench Monster (悪臭怪獣, Akushū Kaijū)


Neo Ultra Q

Sedegan was a lone monster who sat on Sedeccane Island, an island filled with sweet-smelling plants. A woman named Yuki Ueda washed up on his shore, and Sedegan tried to be friendly, healing her as she injured herself. The two bonded for some time, with Yuki thanking him for healing her with his mucus. She was eventually rescued and brought back to Japan. Using the healing mucus Sedegan gave to her, Yuki then decided to make a profit out of his healing mucus to sell as products and would routinely visit his island to make her new product known as Sédeganne.

Sometime later, however, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces caught wind of Yuki's operations and conducted a raid on the island, with Sedegan accidentally killed in the crossfire. The woman, realizing she had caused all of this, was wracked with guilt and misery, as her actions directly led to Sedegan's death.

Shortly after Sedegan's demise, his bodily fluids seep onto Yuki's face as she cradles him. Upon returning to Tokyo, Yuki transforms into a monster, sporting a large nose reminiscent of Sedegan's, and speaks with a slow, deliberate tone. Her nose also secretes the same aromatic fluid as Sedegan's.



  • Height: 9.3 m
  • Weight: 93 t
  • Origin: Earth
Powers and Weapons
  • Healing Mucus: Sedegan can emit mucus from his nose that can heal small wounds in seconds.
  • Stench: Sedegan could constantly emit a foul smelling odor around him.


Neo Ultra Q


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