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Sean Nichols (ショーン・ニコルス Shōn Nikorusu) is an American actor. He is known for playing Sean White in Ultraman Max.


Year Title Role Notes
2005 Ultraman Max Sean White
2022 Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad Ultraman Chuck[1] Voice (English dub)

Ultraman Connection

In 2021, Tsuburaya Productions introduced Ultraman Connection[2], a series of virtual events consisting of talk panels with special guests and a stage show solely for the event, marketed to international audiences. Sean Nichols was brought in as the host-cum-translator for these events:

  • Ultraman Connection Live: Sevenger Fight[3][4]
  • Ultraman Connection Live: Ultraman Day[5][6]
  • Ultraman Connection Live: ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Special — Featuring S.H. Figuarts[7]
  • Ultraman Connection Live Featuring Dyna & Gaia[8]
  • Ultraman Connection Live: Holiday Special
  • Ultraman Connection Live Presents: ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube 2 Million Subscribers Celebration (18 February, 2022)[9]
  • Ultraman Connection Watch Party: Ultraman Trigger Episode Z (18 March, 2022)[10]
  • Ultraman Connection Watch Party: The Destined Crossroad (26 May, 2022)[11]
  • Ultraman Connection Live 1st Anniversary: Ultraman Max Special (17 June, 2022)[12]