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The Science Guard Party[1] (科学警備隊 Kagaku Keibitai) is an elite squad of soldiers and scientists formed in the wake of mysterious phenomenon across the globe in The☆Ultraman.


Far East Base

The Japan branch of the Science Guard Party is located in the Far East Zone of the Earth Self-Defense Army, which has a vast site built by carving out the trees at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Inside the base, there is a command room where the members work, a lounge in a relaxing space, a coffee room used during breaks, private rooms of each member, a robot factory, and a supermarket.


  • Tetsuo Akiyama (アキヤマ 徹男 Akiyama Tetsuo)/Captain Adams: The first captain of the Far East Zone. He is transferred to the America Zone in episode 26.
  • Daisuke Gondo (ゴンドウ 大助 Gondō Daisuke)/General Steel: The second captain of the Far East Zone, who takes over Akiyama's duties from episode 28 and onward.
  • Kei Marume (マルメ 敬 Marume Kei)/Lieutenant Marconi: A strongman and an expert marksman. Unlike the rest of the members, he wasn't scouted by Akiyama and instead, plead to join the team himself.
  • Hiroaki Tobe (トベ 博明 Tobe Hiroaki)/Lieutenant Glenn: A weapons developer and lead mechanic in the Earth Self-Defense Army. He was recruited because of his major contribution to the creation of Super Mardock.
  • Mutsumi Hoshikawa (星川 ムツミ Hoshikawa Mutsumi)/Lieutenant Anne Johnson: A female member.
  • Choichiro Hikari (ヒカリ 超一郎 Hikari Chōichirō)/Lieutenant Harris: He encounters Joneus on his way from a space station to the Earth, and merges with Joneus.
  • Pigu: An assistant robot that resembles the creature Pigmon.
  • Monkey: A pet monkey mascot normally seen with Pigu.
  • Uruk: One of various service robot deployed on U40 battleship Ultria.



  • SG Ciever: A wristwatch-type communication device worn by all members on the left arm. It has a built-in antenna when using.
  • SG Met: A shielded helmet that members wear when boarding each mecha.
  • Spacesuit: Special clothing to wear when working in outer space.
  • Pressure-Resistant Clothing: Special clothing to be worn when flying at high altitudes with a flight mechanism.
  • Special Helmet: A special helmet worn when wearing spacesuits and pressure-resistant clothing. It has a different shape from the SG Met and covers from the head to the neck.


  • Ultra Gun: A pistol that is standard equipment of the Science Guard Party, and is carried by a holster on the waist. It normally fires a laser, but it can also fire anesthesia bullets and shock bullets. Furthermore, by attaching an attachment to the muzzle, various shootings are possible.
  • Grenade Gandhi: A portable rocket launcher. It is transported and used by Shooter ASS. It is heavily used by Kei Marume, and there are two types, a purple early type and a dark green late type.
  • Sample Collection Kit: Used to investigate the drift ice on which Seagra was riding in episode 1.
  • Dimensional Compass: A small device created by Kei Marume in collaboration with Pigu to send Zaanmoth back to another dimension in episode 22.
  • Finder: A device that can detect various organisms and substances. Used in episode 25.
  • Photon Laser Cannon: A large laser cannon removed from the crashed Station Hawk N3. Used by Hiroaki Tobe and Kei Marume in episodes 34 and 35. By connecting the ultra energy of Prison, it demonstrated the power to defeat monsters.
  • Special Communication Device: A communication device using a special cycle developed by Tobe to communicate with Ultraman Joneus in episode 46. It was later improved by Hikari's hands and became interactive.


  • Super Mardock (スーパーマードック Sūpā Mādokku): A multipurpose aircraft designed by Tobe. It was originally made for the Far East branch of Earth Self-Defense Army before Captain Akiyama demanded the ship in exchange for leading the Science Guard Party. During long distance missions, it can act as a mobile base and has a room for scientific analysis. In episode 6, Tobe modify the Super Mardock with harpoon ammunition and an outer shell for underwater combat. It was destroyed in episode 37.
    • Bardy (バーディ Bādi): A red fighter jet of Earth Self-Defense Army used for reconnaissance purposes. It has canard wings and laser guns on each side. Pigu once rode a malfunctioning gray-colored Bardy before the others talked him out of his suicidal thoughts. In episode 47, Space Bardy (スペースバーディ Supēsu Bādi) units were introduced to fight against the invading Hellar Fleet.
    • Beatamy (ベータミー Bētamī): An orange-colored prototype VTOL which usually stored on the left side of Super Mardock. It is equipped with a rotating cannon on its back. Episode 48 saw the development of the Space Beatamy (スペースベータミー Supēsu Bētamī) for outer space combat purposes.
  • Passerger (パッセージャー号 Passējā-gō): A subterrene first used for investigating forest disappearances in episode 5. In episode 33, a second unit called the Passerger 2 (パッセージャー2号 Passējā Nigō) was built as its successor with twin drills and used in the underground exploration of Maroi Island.
  • Shooter ASS (シューターASS Shūtā Ē Esu Esu): Six-wheeled patrol cars with butterfly doors.
  • Station Hawk N3 (ステーションホークN3 Sutēshon Hōku Enu Surī): An aircraft used by Tobe and Marume to explore the monster containment planet Prison in episode 34, but was destroyed by a rampaging monster.
  • Giant Battleship Ultria (巨大戦闘艦ウルトリア Kyodai Sentō-kan Urutoria): A 300 meter long space combat ship which was created by the People of U40 and buried underneath Antarctica for safekeeping. In the height of Hellar Army's invasion on U40, Amia escaped to Earth and reactivated the ship, giving it to the Science Guard Party in countering Heller's attack on Earth, as well as replacing the destroyed Super Mardock. Being made by the Ultras, the ship is powered by a nuclear fusion energy that is not of Earth properties and can sustain itself for at least 100 years. In episode 44, the Ultria was shown capable of splitting into two different components, Alpha and Beta respectively.


  • The Science Guard Party is the first animated Defense Team.
  • They are also the first to use robots.
  • The team's name is a combination of the Science Special Search Party (科学特捜隊) and the Ultra Guard (ウルトラ警備隊).


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