Saori Shiratori (白鳥さおり Shiratori Saori) is a character from Ultraman Taro.


Ultraman Taro

Saori is a female college student, who is the eldest daughter of Captain Swan. A lady who lives with two brothers Kenichi and Kintaro of the college, a woman firmly cutting housework because her mother has already passed away. She has softball experience and good motor nerves.

Although she have deep thought to Kotaro, there is no such thing as burning a burning feeling against Kintaro's being with other women, or having a rivalry mind for Moriyama's men, etc. It seems like human beings are made There is a section.

Because Kotaro had taken off again in episode 53, she was never tied to Kotaro.



  • Saori is the first character portrayed by more than one actor (or actress).
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