Sand Castle (砂のお城 Suna no Ojō) is the twentieth episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Professor Motomiya is developing a device called "CQ" (Seek You), which can distinguish aliens from humans. She is targeted by a hitman, but someone from her past comes to protect her.


A device named "CQ" that can distinct aliens from human is in development. At the request of Foreign Affairs X Division, members of EGIS are assigned to protect Professor Motomiya from the the Villain Guild who wants to prevent the development of "CQ". Can Hiroyuki and the members of EGIS accomplish their mission? And who was the person who appeared in front of them in this crisis?

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama


Choju Total Advancement (超獣総進撃 Chōjū Sō Shingeki)

Taiga talks about Choju and explains why they are still around.


Voice Actors

Guest Cast

  • Sachiko Motomiya (元宮サチコ Motomiya Sachiko): Natsuko Nagaike (永池南津子 Nagaike Natsuko)
  • Mystie (ミスティ Misuti): Keisuke Homan (穂満佳佑 Homan Keisuke)
  • Inspector Sakura (佐倉警部 Sakura-keibu): Shingo Kazami (風見 しんご Kazami Shingo)

Suit Actors




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