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Salamadon (サラマドン Saramadon) is a Kaiju from Ultraman Max. He appeared in episode 5.

Subtitle: Amphibious Monster (両棲怪獣 Ryō kaijū)


Ultraman Max

Salamadon was one of two monsters, along with Paragler, who was guarding Pigmon and the island's shrine. Salamadon was first seen threatening DASH until Pigmon arrived and calmed the monster down, informing him that DASH meant no harm. However once Pigmon was kidnapped by two thieves, Salamadon became violant and attacked the thieves' rescue helicopter, which disturbed the shrine, awakening the seal on the evil monster: Red King. With Red King unleashed, Salamadon was the only opposition to the monster and the two monsters fought. Unfortunately, Salamadon's strength was not enough to stop Red King and was ultimately killed by Red King's living explosive rock barrage.


  • Salamadon was created from a heavily modified Taildas suit.
  • Salamadon's roar is a combination of enhanced roars from the monsters: Guesra, Gavadon, and Zumbolar.


  • Height: 54 m (inverted mode)
  • Weight: 33,000 t
  • Origin: Subject Phantom
Powers and Weapons
  • Spike Launch: Salamadon can fire spikes from the tip of his tail to impale opponents.


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