Sakiru Tonkawa (問川 さきる Tonkawa Sakiru) is one of the minor characters of SSSS.GRIDMAN. Despite having a small role in the series, her death has had a lasting effect on the Gridman Alliance.


Sakiru was one of the five volleyball club members in Yuta's class. Playing volleyball in class, her ball accidentally knocks over the Special Dog that Akane Shinjo wanted to give to Yuta, though she quickly and sincerely apologized. This still angered Akane, who created Ghoulghilas with the help of Alexis・Kerib, to get Sakiru killed. She, along with the rest of the volleyball club, were destroyed along with the school. Awakening

The school was restored the next day through the work of the Illusion Monsters overnight. However, Yuta, Rikka and Utsumi noticed some desks missing from their class and that Sakiru and her group were absent. Rikka asks Namiko and Hass about the missing places and classmates, but they reply to her saying that they have never heard of those people. After school, the Gridman Alliance set out to investigate the missing people, starting with Sakiru. Arriving at her father's Chinese restaurant, Ryutei, Rikka asks if Sakiru was in, only to find out that she apparently died years ago in an accident. The other members of her group met similar fates. This makes Rikka worry for her friends and family and the memories she shares with them, as well as giving her and Yuta more of a reason to keep fighting the kaiju.Restoration

Yuta later went to dinner with Akane, at the Ryutei restaurant, which prompts him to ask why Akane got Sakiru killed. Finding out her reasons, Yuta is disgusted and tells her that other people suffer when people die. Akane just brushes off the statement.Contact

In Yuta's dream, he comes across the Tonkawa family gravestone at a graveyard. This reminds him of his mission, and allowed him to realize that he has been trapped in a dream. Dream

Sakiru, as well as the rest of Akane's victims, appear before her in a dream. Akane wakes up confused, but Alexis simply tells her that real humans don't sleep.Collapse

Whether or not she and the other kaiju victims were restored by Gridman's Grid Fixer Beam is unknown.


  • The pouch she wears on her side resembles the charm that Riko Saida gave to Kazuki Komon. Because of the pouch's first appearance in the commercial for the anime, fans were quick to label Sakiru as a character with a death flag. Additionally, her initials are just one alphabetical letter off of Riko's (PQRSTUV).
  • Her design is based on Cy-Kill from the GoBots franchise. Incidentally, Cy-Kill's cameos in Transformers usually features his death. Her given name Sakiru is also based on Cy-kill's name in Japanese, サイキル (Saikiru).
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