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Saigo (サイゴ) was a Kaiju from Ultraman.

Subtitle: Sand Abyss Monster (砂地獄怪獣 Suna Jigoku Kaijū)



An alien creature that inhabited Planet Q, Saigo was first seen in combat with Keylla. The two were battling as the SSSP arrived to watch. The battle seemed evenly matched, after Saigo blasted Keylla with his sand attack. However he was blinded by Keylla's blinding flashes and was sent into retreat.

Not long after, Saigo emerged from the ground as the Science Patrol got their vehicle stuck. The monster sought to destroy the invaders to its home, but the forces fought back hard, unloading everything they had at the beast. Saigo was covered in dry ice and its body shattered to pieces.


  • Suit actor: Eichi Matsushima
  • Saigo's roar could have been reused from a roar by Godzilla in the film Godzilla Raids Again.
  • Saigo's roar is reused for Kingstron and Sphinx.
  • Saigo was going to originally be the final monster who would defeat Ultraman in battle, while Zetton was a "warm-up" enemy. The two were switched as the producers thought that Zetton had a better design and so made him Ultraman's final enemy, while Saigo was demoted to an "extra".
    • Considering this, it would explain why Zetton has the title of Space Dinosaur, which is something Saigo resembles.
    • Fittingly, Saigo's name is variously translated as "The Last" or "Final" in Japanese.
    • Saigo shares a few design features with Zetton, including the blocky appendages on the face and several bumps on the back.


Saigo rendered .png

  • Height: 45 m
  • Weight: 40,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Q
Powers and Weapons
  • Sand Attack: Saigo can fire a concentrated blast of sand from his jaws.
  • Burrowing: Saigo can burrow at moderate speeds.


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