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SSSS.GRIDMAN NOVELIZATIONS is a 2-volume spin-off novel series based on SSSS.GRIDMAN, written by Yume Mizusawa, who also wrote the screenplay for the SSSS.GRIDMAN Stage Play[1]. The story takes place some time after episode 8 of the series.


Title Date Plot
Volume 1: ~Another God~ (Vol.1: 〜もう一人の神〜 Vol.1: 〜 Mō Hitori no Kami 〜) 9/19/2019 Another unknown battle of Gridman.

Yuta Hibiki, a boy with amnesia, unites with Hyper Agent Gridman. He fought to protect people from the monsters created by Akane Shinjo, the god of the world.

Yuta and the Gridman Alliance had defeated Mecha Ghoulghilas, a monster that appeared at Tsutsujidai High School's school festival, and rejected Akane's challenge. They were relieved that peaceful days could continue for a while. Yuta wakes up on the day he first met Gridman in the past. And the monsters that should have been defeated reappear.

Yuta and the others are puzzled, not knowing what is going on. Moreover, Akane had a different aura in this "world". Eventually, they all expected that events would repeat as they had occurred, but this time, unforeseen events began to happen one after another, and unknown monsters attacked.

Who created this world? What happened to Yuta's fate- !?[2]

Volume 2: ~Monster of the Apocalypse~ (Vol.2: 〜世界終焉の怪獣〜 Vol.2: 〜 Sekai Shūen no Kaijū 〜) 2/9/2020 The rampaging Black Akane, the monster leading the world to its end.

Yuta Hibiki woke up one day and noticed that he was back to the day he first met Gridman.

He is convinced that the world has been distorted by somebody and time was repeating over and over again, and he fights again with the monsters he had defeated, and approaches this mystery of this repeating world with his friends.

The key is the black-haired Akane Shinjo, that appeared in front of Yuta and the others. Yuta finally destroys the monster Gaiyaros, a monster the black-haired Akane Shinjo created as "another god" who controls the time. However, shortly after the battle, Yuta returned to the first day. The repeating time begins to change further, with monsters coming in many different ways.

On the other hand, the other Akane gradually began to act beyond the real Akane's orders in order to establish herself. Behind the scenes is Alexis・Kerib.[3]




  • Gridman
    • Initial Fighter
      • Full Powered Gridman Initial Fighter
    • Primal Fighter
      • Sky Buster Gridman
      • Full Powered Gridman
        • Full Powered Gridman Over Spec Mode
  • Gridknight

Assist Weapons


  • Akane Shinjo (Black)
  • Anti
  • Gaiyaros
    • α (Alpha)
    • σ (Sigma)
    • ∞ (Mobius)
  • Alexis・Kerib
  • Skorban
    • Skorban μ (Mu)
  • Deiwardas


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