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The SSP (short for Something Search People) (サムシングサーチピープル Samushingu Sāchi Pīpuru) is a team of three, founded to track strange phenomena.


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After having a strange dream concerning a giant of light, Naomi Yumeno creates the SSP to track down strange phenomenons and the giant of light. Being an independent group, Naomi has to take on multiple part-time jobs to fund her organization.

The group has faced trials and tribulations over the course of their activities, but their tenacity gradually earned them popularity online. They also frequently run into Gai Kurenai during their adventures and even having Commander Shibukawa relying on them in helping identifying kaiju threats and other related phenomenon.


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Naomi Yumeno (夢野 ナオミ Yumeno Naomi) is the founder of the group. She created it in order to tack down the strange giant of light that appears in her dreams.

She also takes part-time jobs to pay the rent for the group's office including a coffee saleswoman, a waitress, and a construction worker.

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Jetta Hayami (早見 ジェッタ Hayami Jetta) is a friend of Yumeno's who dreams of uncovering the truth behind the UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) in order to be rich and famous. He is in-charge of the SSP's website and photography.

When he was a child, Jetta always wanted to become a hero.

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Shin Matsudo (松戸 シン Matsudo Shin) is a somewhat genius, obtaining his doctorate at the age of 23, and is an expert on technology and ancient civilizations.

In elementary school, he discovered over-dimensionality as applied to chaos theory. He also built an UMA detector in fourth grade while trying to find a tsuchinoko.

His childhood dreams are to design a super robot that can bring peace, build a time machine, and to become a veterinarian.



  • Fireproof Suit (防火スーツ Bōka Sūtsu): In the fourth episode, Shin invents gear that protects them from the heat of Maga-Pandon.
  • Full-body Powered Tights (全身パワードタイツ Zenshin Pawādo Taitsu): A suit that enhances one's capabilities by using CG-based motion tracked automatic movements.


  • Storm Chaser (ストームチェイサー Sutōmu Cheisā): A hand held device built to track weather patterns. Used to track down Maga-Basser.
  • Super Absorbent PolymerSAP Gun (スーパー・アブソーベント・ポリマーサップガン Sūpā Abusōbento PorimāSappu Gan): It shoots a polymer that solidifies water. Used against Maga-Jappa.
    • Enhanced SAP Gun (強化サップガン Kyōka Sappu Gan): An enhanced version, used to storm Mulnau's mansion.
  • Observation Machine (観測機 Kansoku-ki): Used to observe Maga-Pandon's fireball without damage to the naked eye.
  • Jetta-Designated Protector (ジェッタ専用プロテクター Jetta Sen'yō Purotekutā): A suit that deodorizes Jetta from the foul-smelling water caused by Maga-Jappa.
  • Future Prediction System (未来予測システム Mirai Yosoku Shisutemu): A device with numerous clocks attached, it could supposedly predict the future. It is unknown if the device was ever finished or not.
  • Dowsing Radio (ダウジングラジオ Daujingu Rajio): A radio that detects vibrations underground by using FM waves.
  • UMA Detector (ユーマ探知機 Yūma Tanchi-ki): Used to track down Ragon. Shin built this when he was in elementary school.
  • Biological Reaction Analyzer (生体反応分析機 Seitai Han'nō Bunseki-ki): A handheld device that lets the user see a target's brain activity and vitals, wirelessly. Used on Maga-Orochi.
  • Magnetic Measurement Machine (磁気測定機 Jiki Sokutei-ki): Used to find traces of magnetic reactions on stone monuments such as Tamayura's tablet.
  • Spectral Visor (スペクトラルバイザー Supekutoraru Baizā): Used to see wavelengths that are normally invisible to the human eye.
  • Artificial Intelligence (人工知能 Jinkō Chinō): Used to run their operations more smoothly. Visually represented by a caricature based on Naomi.


  • SSP-7エスエスピー-セブン (Esu Esu Pī Sebun): A private car, used as their main method of transportation. The vehicle is surprisingly tough, having survived falling great heights, and being rolled by the explosion caused by the Stobium Burst.



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