The attack team that appears in the Fireman series. The Earth Science Special Force SAF (Scientific Attack Force), served as the main form of opposition by humanity against the monsters attack it.




  • Daisuke Misaki: Fireman's alter ego.
  • Gunpachi Umino: Age 40, the captain of SAF, he holds two doctorates in Oceanography and Biology and previously worked at the Marine Development Center. He is known to be hot blooded and stubborn, but is observant and known for making good calls. It is implied that he may be aware of Misaki's secret.
  • Saburo Mizushima: Age 28, a leading expert in space engineering, in which he holds a doctorate, and even developed the Marimble which can operate in space. He is the Vice Captain of SAF, and wears Dark Blue. He is usually calm and thoughtful.
  • Futoshi Chiba: Age 25, wears green. Is a Doctor of Engineering and designer of the Sea Marin and Marringon. He is a master of Judo, Kendo, fencing and a general sportsman. He has a bright and honest personality and is something of the comic relief. As he is good friends with Misaki, they are often paired on missions.
  • Mariko Hayama: Age 20, she was previously an assistant programmer for the Marine Development Center, she owns a PHD, and the only female volunteer. She is in charge of communications and possess a mind like a computer. She wears orange and is something of a romanticist and seems to care a bit for Misaki. She is often called Mari-Chan by the others.



  • Sea Marin: A survey submarine, remodeled for combat. It has a deep sea fish motif on its hull. Its length is 35 meters, its maximum speed is 70 knots per hour and it can survive to depths of 8000 meters.
  • Marringon: A mainstay large ductile machine, it is loaded with missiles and super missiles. It is 18 meters long, weighs 12 tons and its max speed is Mach 5.
  • Marimble: Developed by Mizushima, it is a small VTOL fighter plane that can also operate in space. It is 11 meters long, weighs 8 tons and can reach Mach 4.
  • Moglian: An underground explorer, it has four drills, yet can operate underwater. It is 6 meters long and weights 8 tons.
  • Marine Car: An amphibious patrol car. The base vehicle is a Mazda Capella.


  • Unlike most attack teams, SAF was formed after the first appearance of their giant hero.
  • Their helmets were reused and modifed MAT helmets.
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