Ryoko Hara (原涼子 Hara Ryōko) is one of the minor characters in Ultraman Geed. She is the mother of Eri Hara.


Ryoko is the mother of Eri and the sister in law of Haruo, she first appears in episode 1 where she brought Eri to Haruo's convenience store and talking to Riku briefly. Ryoko also found out Eri's hands were hot when the ice cream her daughter was holding in her hands melted. During Skull Gomora's raid, she was revealed by Haruo that Eri and Ryoko is now safe at Koji's house. Later in the night, she witnessed Geed first battle with Skull Gomora with Eri and Haruo.

Ryoko and her family was kicked out by the other refugees in a camp after Eri tried to use her power to set up a fire. Ryoko and her family later moved on to a warehouse to keep Eri safe and later when to find Eri with Haruo and Kouji, when the latter was kidnapped by a Dada. Ryoko reunited with Eri after she was saved by Laiha Toba and Riku. She later watched Geed second battle with Skull Gomora. After Eri's Little Star was passed on to Geed, she and her family can live peacefully without fearing for any monster attacks.

She was briefly seen in episode 5 in a video clip and was mentioned by RE.M. when she was discussing the issue of Little Star with Laiha, Pega, and Riku.

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