The Robo Baltan (ロボバルタン Robo Barutan) is a comic-exclusive robot that appeared in the manga release of Ultraman Cosmos.


Telecoro Comic

Through the analysis of Alien Baltan Basical from 2001, the Robo Baltan was created by the militaristic defense force JADF (Joint Armed Defense Force) as their alternative to combat giant monster threats. The chosen pilot was Ryoma Makabe, Musashi Haruno's former high school classmate. Ryoma first piloted the robot to defeat the Chaos Bug, taking Cosmos' place in the television episode it appeared, but unbeknownst to others, a piece of Chaos Bug slipped into the robot.

At some point, while Robo Baltan parked within JADF's third base, the Chaos Header from Bug's destruction took over the robot and went rogue with Ryoma still inside as it attacked the entire base. Ryoma was willing to get himself killed but Cosmos saved him at the last minute before the Robo Baltan was finally scrapped.


  • The Robo Baltan predated Hellzking as JADF's first attempt in creating monster-sized weapon. Additionally like the former, both went rogue as a result from an alien influence and was forced to be scrapped by Cosmos for good.
  • As illustrated by the manga, the Robo Baltan possessed absurdly thin limbs and legs while its head closely resembles Basical's Neo Baltan form.


Robo Baltan
Robo Baltan
  • Origin: JADF's third base
Powers and Weapons
  • Basical's Analysis: The Robo Baltan was built from analyzing Basical, as well as Neo Baltan's combat skills, hence is capable of fighting like the late alien himself.
  • Transformation: For easy transportation, it can transform into the aircraft Star Baltan (スターバルタン Sutā Barutan).
  • Hyper Drill (ハイパードリル Haipā Doriru): An arm drill on the right hand, it can also transform into a pincer.
  • Thin Scissor Pincer: On his left arm is a thin scissor pincer.
  • 60m Cannon
  • Air-to-ground Missiles
  • Energy Beam: From the high heat plate on its chest, the Robo Baltan can launch an energy beam.

Star Baltan
Star Baltan
Powers and Weapons
  • 60m Cannon
  • Air-to-ground Missiles


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