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Revive! Ultraman (甦れ!ウルトラマン, Yomigaere! Urutoraman) is a Japanese tokusatsu Kaiju film directed by Masahiro Tsuburaya and produced by Tsuburaya Productions that released on March 9, 1996. It commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Ultraman Series, as a part of Ultraman Wonderful World alongside Ultraman Zearth and Ultraman Company.

The film mostly consists of stock footage from the original Ultraman series, but with the cast reprising their roles by dubbing over the footage. Some special effects, such as explosions and lasers, were also altered.


Serving as an epilogue the original 1966 series, Ultraman fights one last battle on Earth, one month after being defeated by Zetton.


Following an introduction to the Science Patrol, the plot picks up at Ultraman's defeat at the hands of Zetton. After the Science Patrol successfully destroy Zetton, there is no mention of Zoffy appearing to retrieve Ultraman, and he stays combined with Hayata.

One month later, the SSSP notice that Ultraman is being bested by other monsters and saved by the Patrol. Ultraman was weakened by their defeat, and he and Hayata are suffering from a lack of confidence. When the SSSP decide they cannot count on Ultraman at this time, Arashi and Muramatsu notice Hayata appearing disheartened, with Arashi suggesting he use a stamina drink. This gives Ide an idea and heads to his lab to build a new device.

Hayata's Ultra-senses divine the approach of an all-out kaiju attack, with various mysterious phenomena occurring throughout Japan. But before he can warn the captain, Hayata is surprised when Ide tells the team that he has dreamed twice of the same event, an invasion by a kaiju army. Just then, a fleet of saucers approach Japan, and the SSSP dispatch to engage it, but soon discover it is just a hologram, and a distraction for and another Alien Zetton to kidnap Dr. Iwamoto, disguise himself as him, and attack the SSSP's headquarters. The team return to the base and take down the alien, but this triggers the all-out kaiju attack, and Dodongo and Red King appear.


Ultra Separation

At Dodongo's location, Pigmon warns them of what is coming and Ide can understand Pigmon perfectly somehow. Pigmon is again mortally wounded by debris, angering Hayata, who triggers the Beta Capsule and becomes Ultraman. Ultraman wins, but the simultaneous attack continues as more kaiju begin to emerge. Ultraman then reveals a new power called the Ultra Separation, producing replicas of himself who scatter to defeat the monsters. After defeating the army, he reverts to Hayata.


Ultraman recharged


Ultraman's final shot

Hayata is then alerted that Zetton is attacking headquarters and transforms again. The fight goes bad for Ultraman due to his weakened condition and he hesitates to fire his Spacium Beam. However, Ide reveals a new device, which he made after inspired by stamina drinks. Arashi shoots the device into Ultraman's Color Timer, fully recharging him. Ultraman then demolishes Zetton with his rainbow spectrum colored Spacium Beam.

The film concludes with Muramatsu deciding that they deserve a break and should celebrate with drinks, with narration stating that it is unknown how or why Ide had his premonition of the attack.






  • Ultraman no Uta (ウルトラマンの歌, Urutoraman no Uta) (Remake ver.)
    • Lyrics: Kyoichi Azuma (Hajime Tsuburaya)
    • Composer: Kunio Miyauchi
    • Arrangement: Ken Isoya
    • Performed by: Morinoki Jidou Gasshoudan



  • As Iwamoto's actor, Akihiko Hirata, passed away in 1984, Iwamoto has no lines during the film.
  • As the film was made from stock footage, the movie also developed some inconsistences regarding its continuity;
    • Ultraman occasionally switches suit types.
    • Gomora's tail and horn already broke when Ultraman arrives.
    • Although the original Hydra didn't get killed and retreated from a battle with Ultraman after Akira's spirit appears beside to the monster, Hydra returned in this work to continue its rampage in the city with no explanation at all.
    • Woo also reappeared to continue the rampage despite Yuki's death.
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