Series Episodes
Return of Ultraman
Return of Ultraman is the 4th entry in the Ultra Series
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Format: Tokusatsu
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Jiro Dan, Jun Negami
Opening Theme: Kaettekita Ultraman
Ending Theme: None
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 51
Running Time 25 mins
Original Channel Tokyo Broadcasting System
Original Air Date April 2, 1971
Preceded by Ultraseven
Succeeded by Ultraman Ace

Return of Ultraman (帰ってきたウルトラマン Kaettekita Urutoraman roughly meaning "Ultraman Has Returned") is a tokusatsu SF/kaiju/superhero TV series, and is the 4th Ultra Series.


Eiji Tsuburaya had originally intended for the Ultra Series to end with the 1967 series Ultraseven, but Ultraman proved to be too popular a character to keep down. After Eiji Tsuburaya's death in 1970, his son Hajime Tsuburaya (who took over Tsuburaya Productions until his own death in 1973) revived the Ultra Series with Return of Ultraman.

An earlier plot featured the original Ultraman returning to Earth to resume the fight against aliens and monsters. However, in a last minute change, a new yet similar character character was introduced - "New Ultraman" (新ウルトラマン Shin Urutoraman), or just "Returning Ultraman" (帰ってきたウルトラマン Kaettekita Urutoraman), who would later become much more widely known as "Ultraman Jack" (ウルトラマンジャック Urutoraman Jakku) in 1984 and beyond. The name was decided on in a contest held by Bandai where children chose his name.

This series is a follow up to the original Ultraman and Ultraseven, which retconned to take place within the same timeline.


In a fight between two giant monsters named Takkong and Zazahn, young race car driver Hideki Goh is killed while trying to rescue a little boy and a dog from the falling rubble. His valiant sacrifice is noted by everyone, even his friends and the new defense force MAT, but an unseen being also takes notice. Looking over Goh is the "New Ultraman", who is so touched by Goh's actions that he decides to combine his life force with that of Hideki, thus bringing him back to life. Hideki Goh then joins the MAT and fights alongside them and Ultraman against monsters and alien invaders.




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Home Media

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Return of Ultraman Memorial Box

Return of ultraman dvd

The Malaysian DVD

In 2002, Tsuburaya began rereleasing Ultraman-Ultraman Leo on Japanese boxsets. Return of Ultraman got a boxset. There is a also DVD made by the Malaysian company VGB Network. It came out in 2013, contains Malay, English, and Chinese subtitles. A few grammatical errors are made as VBG is not a American company.

Mill Creek is also set to release the complete Return of Ultraman series in 2019 or 2020, under the Steelbook and Blu-Ray releases.


Main article: Return of Ultraman (manga)

A manga series by Akira Mizuho (水穂 輝 Mizuho Akira) ran in Bessatsu Shōnen Sunday from May to December 1971.



  • Originally, Ultraman Jack was meant to be Ultraman, whom would have returned to Earth as referenced by the show's name, Return of Ultraman, but this decision was scrapped and he was made as a separate character out of respect to the late Eiji Tsuburaya, who past away in 1970. However, the name of the show still remained "Return of Ultraman".
    • In the original concept for Return of Ultraman, Hideki Goh was meant to use the Beta Capsule to become Ultraman Jack, like how Shin Hayata transforms into Ultraman but this decision was also scrapped.
    • Return of Ultraman is the first series to contain an advertisement break featuring the logo.
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