Resurrected Friend (よみがえる鬼神 Yomigaeru Kishin) is the 16th episode of Ultraman Tiga.


Three thieves are breaking into an ancient shrine in order to steal relics to sell, and make off with a sword and a statue that had been in the shrine. A passing policeman observes the ground shaking, and a huge hand emerging from the mountainside. GUTS is called, and the original policeman and another accompany the officers to the shrine. Though the other policeman discounts the legend, the first policeman tells of Sakunaoni, a powerful demon who was taken down by a wandering samurai. The samurai then hacked apart and buried the pieces of the demon before wandering on to destroy beasts. The thieves are eating lunch when one of them is having second thoughts about the theft. He goes back to the van, and is possessed by the samurai. When the other two confront him, he knocks out the leader and makes the other drive him back to the shrine area. During this time, earthquakes have been shaking the ground, and a mysterious voice shouts that it will have its revenge. Pieces of the demon, like its feet and hands soon start poking out of the mountainside, and GUTS starts evacuating people. While doing that, Daigo spots a man traveling down a path and says he will work on getting him out When Daigo encounters the man, he views him as a samurai at times, while the samurai states that Daigo is not human, but yet not a threat. The samurai then tells him about the battle with Sakuna-Oni, and says that because the demon's hatred has grown, he wouldn't be able to fight it on his own this time. The oni appears, and the samurai leaves the crook's body. Daigo transforms into Tiga, and starts fighting the demon. Things seem evenly matched as GUTS helps Tiga fight, until Tiga grabs the demon from behind and is attacked by its second face. Sakunaoni reaches into the mountainside and takes out his sword. Eventually Tiga prevails and slices the demon's head off, only for the head to fly up and start biting him on the shoulder. This is weakening him until the samurai's sword flies up, and strikes it in the forehead, purifying the spirit and destroying what is left of the demon. Afterwards, the crook gives Daigo pieces of information and advice that the samurai had given him before he is taken away by the police.


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  • Ultraman Tiga Volume 4 Features Episodes 13-16.
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