Restore Memories (レストア・メモリーズ Resutoa Memorīzu) is the thirteenth episode of Ultraman Geed.


​Riku Asakura and Pega were goofing around & playing Baseball inside the Nebula House. RE.M. had warned them to be pessimistic but during their game, the ball hits Rem, causing her to malfunction and the result from the hit had also cause RE.M. to loses all of her memories.


While RE.M. is in the middle of reviewing Crisis Impact, her story was interrupted by Riku and Pega playing baseball. When Pega manages to make a hit, the ball bounces over the Nebula House and bumps into RE.M., causing her to lose her memories.

Meanwhile, Zero met Moa sometime later, reporting about the results of his expedition. He still insist her to get Ultraman Geed's help instead and even well aware of Moa knowing who the Ultra is. With no other choice, Riku was forced to explain to RE.M. of their first meeting. After showing RE.M. his Ultra Capsules, Riku moves on to demonstrate his other Fusion Rises and the Geed Claw. With Leito's arrival, Zero proceed to help as well (aside from the addition of his own self admiration), inputs his and the Ultra Capsule's data before the party shift on to Kei Fukuide, each giving their own viewpoints towards him.

RE.M. suddenly deactivated and just as Riku about to mourn her, she resumed online, claiming to have feigned her amnesia just to teach him a lesson. Leito resumes control of his body, spilling out the fact that Moa is an AIB member to Laiha and Pega, with Riku was forced to tell them everything.


Suit Actors



  • Ultraman Geed
  • Ultraman Zero



  • Like with Orb in sharing similar episodes, this is a recap episode.
  • In the Indonesian dub that aired on RTV, this episode was named "Return of the Brave".
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