Requiem of the Wolves (群狼の挽歌 Gunrō no Banka) is the fourth episode of Ultraman Taiga. It is the debut of Hiroyuki Kudo's first transformation as Ultraman Fuma.


An alien group named Villain Guild, has planted a Monster Bomb in the city. A help request was then brought in to E.G.I.S. from External Affairs Division X.



A new request was brought in from the Foreign Affairs X Division, an organization inside police specialized in alien-related crime, to E.G.I.S.

An alien group Villain Guild has planted a "Monster Bomb" in the city. Homare who recognized the mastermind, headed to the criminal group by himself. What is the relationship between Homare and the mastermind? There is not much time left until the activation of the Monster Bomb! The last hero of the Tri-Squad appears!

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Who Is the Leader? (リーダーは誰だ Rīdā wa Dareda)

The Tri-Squad, now reunited, bicker over who the leader of the group is, due to Titas claiming to be the leader because he's the eldest, Taiga retorts by saying he is the leader because they all wear the Taiga Spark on their right arm. Fuma wants to rename his item the Fuma Spark and Titas the Muscle Spark. They then compare their planets of origin as well as the previous Ultra Warriors who came from their respective home planets, with U40 getting the short end of the stick just like in real life.


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TaigaEp4 Error
  • When Darebolic was blasted, its gun arm can still be seen, blended in explosion dust. This is most likely an overlooked error.
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