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Repi (レピ) is a Victorian who appeared in the series, Ultraman Ginga S. Repi is Sakuya's younger brother that always wanted to see the outside world. He has a strong interest in the surface world due to being born underground without day or night.


Ultraman Ginga S

Repi and Sakuya often goes to the outside world to see the day and live like a normal human but Sho prohibit that they would cause trouble to others people. Repi tried to get a Chocolate bar that Sho have and eat it, and he's lucky that when the Inpelaizer attack the city, the shop owner gave two box of the V chocolate bar and run away to save his life.

But he was disappointed when Sho didn't want him to leave the temple so he could be safe.

Ultra Fight Victory

Repi reappeared in this mini-series when he greeted both Sho and Sakuya, now UPG members, as they returned back underground for their day off. Their reunion, however, was cut short when an earthquake, followed by an antlion pit, later revealed to be Aribunta's doing, occurred and caught Sakuya falling into it with Sho in pursuit.

After Sho defeated the Super Beast, with help from his new Knight Timbre, Ultraman Hikari explained to the Victorians that Juda was soon to revive and Yapool was going to use the energies he stole from the Victorium Core to speed up the revival process. Hikari also told the Victorians that he invented the Knight Timbre to seal up the Emperor for good and that Sho was the only one who could use it.

After all the conflict was resolves with both Yapool, Juda, and their forces destroyed. Repi reunited with Hikaru Raido and Sho and giggled a bit with Hikaru as Sakuya hugged Sho for returning her Victorium necklace. Ultra Fight Victory

Powers and Weapons

  • Shepherdon: The mysterious powers of Victorian, what ability it holds is unknown at this time.
  • Communication: Using the stone necklace he wears, he can communicate directly to Queen Kisara or other Victorian on the throne room, appearing on a large circular screen. It is unknwon whether he can perform this or not.



  • The chocolates that Repi received had a "V" shaped logo similar to Ultraman Victory.