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Rena Yanase (柳瀬 麗奈ヤナセ・レナ, Yanase Rena) is one of the main characters of Ultraman Tiga. She is a member of GUTS.



As with the GUTS members at the time of the series, "Rena" is actually referred as a mononym and that she originally held the family name Yanase prior to her father's divorce and before her marriage with Daigo. As revealed in the 2019 novel Ultraman Tiga: To the Shining Ones, she took the surname Rena Sakaki (榊 麗奈, Sakaki Rena) after her mother's maiden name.


Rena initially had a proud, active, and serious personality. She often approached tasks with a professional perspective. However, she also had a deep love for animals and biology and had the good idea that all living things on earth should coexist and prosper.

Her interactions with Daigo were ambiguous in the beginning, and throughout the series, their feelings for each other got established. She also revealed her gentleness and understanding when facing Daigo's confusion. Despite the two experiencing difficult and cold moments, after both continued to participate in battles and achieve their goals, the two fell in love and eventually married, becoming life-long partners.


Pre-Ultraman Tiga

Rena Yanase 50

Rena as a young child

Rena was born into an ordinary family. When she was a child, her father Omi promised her a gift for her ninth birthday. However, because he was sent to the TPC Space Center to perform a mission, her father ultimately failed to keep his promise and left, which even led to her parent's divorce. As a result, she held a great deal of resentment toward her father. The Man Who Came Down to Earth

After that, she went to a military academy's training facility, and after learning how to fly and various combat skills, she graduated as a top pilot.

Later on, she joined TPC and became a member of GUTS.

Ultraman Tiga

After Ultraman Tiga appeared in the world, of all the GUTS members, she was one of Tiga's biggest supporters, save the captain. Rena also started to do her duties as a member of GUTS. She also frequently worked with Daigo as a partner on missions.

As one of the best pilots in TPC, she can expertly control any fighter jet. She is, therefore, the only pilot initially capable of piloting the Snow White, a fighter jet that utilizes the Maxima Overdrive technology. GUTS to the Sky Part 1

Rena Yanase 51

Rena and Myu

In addition to her role as a pilot, she also has a rich background in ecology and is passionate about various creatures, especially dolphins. She has a dolphin friend named Myu at the oceanographic research institute, and they have successfully achieved a coexistence and understanding of each other. Sometimes she also swims with Myu. S.O.S from the Deep Sea

In the series, she often got targeted by extraterrestrials as a hostage, including when she got kidnapped by Alien Reguran, who threatened Omi. However, she and her father worked together and successfully defeated Reguran with Tiga. In the end, Rena reconciled with her father. The Man Who Came Down to Earth

In addition, she was once deceived and kidnapped by Bizaamo, and was also kidnapped by Alien Desimo and became the host of Guwam, but she got saved by Tiga's timely rescue. The Attacked GUTS BaseThe Sleeping Maiden

She was the first one to suspect the connection between Daigo and Tiga. Compared to other GUTS members, she seemed to have the closest relationship with these two characters, and as she interacted with Daigo, she realized the truth. She had hoped that Daigo would be honest with her about his identity, but in each interaction, Daigo deliberately changed the subject, causing a distance between them. Dear Mr. Ultraman

Rena Yanase 52

The relationship between Rena and Daigo finally confirmed

Before Gatanothor's resurrection and the world's destruction, she became angry and cold when she discovered that Daigo had been secretly fighting as Ultraman. As she piloted the GUTS Wing, trying to chase after Zoiger, she expressed her hidden feelings to Daigo, telling him, "I want to become the light and fight alongside him." In response, when Daigo realized that what he wanted to do was to be able to do as a human, not as Ultraman, he shed tears. Then, with Daigo, who transformed into Tiga, they defeated Zoiger together. She becomes the first person to discover that Daigo is Tiga, breaking the distance between them and revealing their feelings. Take Me Higher!

However, shortly after a large group of Zoigers and Gatanothor appeared, Daigo, who fought, was defeated and turned into a statue. She unintentionally revealed this to GUTS and TPC senior staff. Then, all efforts to rescue Daigo failed. However, with the longing of Tiga, children from all over the world, along with Rena herself, transformed into light, reviving Tiga, and together with Daigo and the children, defeated Gatanothor. At the series' ending, Rena reunited with Daigo and saw his Sparklence disappear into dust. Afterward, she and all the GUTS members took a group photo together on the Artdessei. To the Shining Ones

Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Rena The Final Odyssey 4

Rena returns to GUTS

Two years after the defeat of Gatanothor, Rena and Daigo got engaged and quit GUTS, traveling to various places. However, when TPC's investigation team, including captain Iruma, lost contact on R'lyeh under the obstruction of Camearra, the relationship between the two became strained. When she learned that Daigo had once again obtained Tiga's power, she initially hoped that he would not actively participate in the battle, but eventually decided to assist Daigo and temporarily return to GUTS to support the fight when she learned about the plan of the Giants of Darkness.

Upon entering the ruins, she immediately rescued Tiga, who got attacked by Camearra, and in the end, she witnessed Glitter Tiga's return together with everyone.

Rena Yanase 54

Rena reunites with Daigo

Before R'lyeh was about to sink, she ventured into the ruins again to save Daigo. However, after a conversation with Daigo's consciousness, she ultimately makes a promise to him and leaves R'lyeh. Later, she prayed in the church for Daigo to return from the ruins of R'lyeh. When Daigo returned, Rena, who had been eagerly waiting, joyfully cried and kissed Daigo. Soon after, the two of them got married.

A year later, while the two were boarding a shuttle for Mars, they were saluted by Shin Asuka, a ship maintenance crewmate at that time, who would, in the future, become the next Ultraman. Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light

Six years after the threat of the Giants of Darkness, Rena, along with her newborn daughter Hikari returned to Earth for a visit and reunited with Iruma along with Yazumi, Munakata, and Horii after Tiga and Dyna defeated Queen Monera. Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light

Ultraman Dyna

In Asuka's dream, Rena appeared as the captain of the Mars-based defense team Kitty. Ephemeral Dream

Daigo Family

Daigo, Rena, and their daughter Hikari on Mars

After immigrating to Mars, Rena became a member of the Mars Biological Garden "TPC Laboratory NF," and her husband Daigo was responsible for cultivating and conducting research on plants growing on Mars. Final Chapter II: Solar System Annihilation

When Daigo brought home Asuka who was unconscious in the field of Mars due to exhaustion, Rena and Hikari also took care of Asuka. She also watched with Daigo as Asuka, who had transformed into Ultraman Dyna, saved the Earth from the threat of Gran-Sphere. Final Chapter III: Toward Tomorrow...

Ultraman Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant

Some time later she had a second child, Tsubasa Madoka, who would join Neo Super GUTS while unknowingly that he also had followed in his father's footsteps (becoming Ultraman Tiga in the past). Ultraman Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant


Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers

Rena The Super 8 Ultra Brothers 2

Rena from Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers.

In this film, Rena is a civilian woman residing in Yokohama. She is the daughter of Shin Hayata and Akiko Hayata. Currently, she works as a reporter at FM Yokohama.

Since her childhood, Rena has known Daigo, and their relationship has deepened to the point of discussing marriage. She used to be an important supporter in Daigo's life, often caring about his daily affairs. However, as they grew older and Daigo gave up his dream of becoming an astronaut due to personal considerations, their relationship underwent changes. Rena believed that Daigo was avoiding his past self and simply transferring his vulnerability to other excuses, which became a concern for her. This incident created a rift between them.

During the event of the mirage appearing in Yokohama, Rena joined other reporters in taking a ferry to the scene for live coverage. Meanwhile, Daigo was leading a foreign inspection team visiting Yokohama, and Rena encountered him while working. When Aki got injured during the evacuation process of the monster disaster, Rena accompanied Aki's daughter Megu to the hospital to take care of her.

Initially, she expressed skepticism about Daigo's claims regarding the existence of the seven Ultra beings. However, she eventually overcame her doubts and believed him. Through her broadcasts, she encouraged the public to ignite their determination to resist the threat of monsters, while also awakening the protective will within Daigo to safeguard the people. Shortly thereafter, she personally witnessed Daigo and other Ultras transforming, and witnessed the moment they collaborated to save the world. This series of events deepened her understanding and trust in Daigo, ultimately improving their relationship.

According to newspaper reports, when Daigo decided to continue pursuing his dream of becoming an astronaut, they held a wedding at the Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida, USA. Since then, she and Daigo have settled in Florida and fully devoted themselves to space exploration training and work.

After years of effort, she and Daigo have a daughter named Hikari. During the commissioning ceremony of the Nippon Maru space vessel, she, along with her family and many others, boarded the ship, embarking on a journey to explore the M78 Nebula in space.Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers

Powers and Weapons

  • Piloting: She is one of the best pilots in TPC and can control any fighter masterfully. Also, she is the only pilot originally able to pilot Snow White, a fighter which uses the power of Maxima Overdrive.



  • Rena (199?)
    • Materials: Cold Cast
Sculpted by Hiroshi Sagae, this figurine of Rena is molded in cold cast. This Rena is originally a scratch built statue featured in a Hobby Magazine before it was approved for release.

  • Rena (Limited Edition, 199?)
A variant of the figurine features Rena wearing her helmet.

M1-gou Ultra Series

  • Rena (2000)
    • Accessories: Helmet
    • Materials: PVC
Released as an exclusive for an event, M1-Gou Rena is a PVC figure that is molded after a Bullmark toy. Rena also comes with a removable helmet.

Ultra Heroine Fantasy Movies Girls Dictionary

Rena Ultra Heroine Fantasy Movies Girls Dictionary
  • Rena Yanase (2008)
    • Release Date: December 2008
    • Price: ¥770
    • Materials: ABS, PVC
Rena was announced as part of the first batch of figurines in the Ultra Heroine Fantasy Movies Girls Dictionary series. This product features an anime-style design and comes in two versions: with and without a helmet. Additionally, the product includes information cards about each defense team.

Project BM!

  • Member Rena (2010)
    • Release Date: August 2010
    • Price: 15,800 yen
    • Materials: ABS, PVC, Fabric
    • Accessories: GUTS HYPER, PDI (GUTS COM) (opened, closed), GUTS Attache, 1 pair of weapon-holding hands, helmet
Manufactured by MEDICOM TOY, Project BM! "Member Rena" is an articulated doll, with fabric outfits. Aside from the extra hands, Rena also comes with a GUTS HYPER gun that can be wielded or stored onto the holster, two different PDIs, and a wearable helmet.
The figure is sculpted by Hiroki Hayashi and PERFECT-STUDIO. Rena utilizes the female body frame.
Rena can be purchased by using the code included in Project BM! Ultraman Tiga.


Ultraman Tiga

Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Ultraman Dyna

Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers



  • Rena Yanase was portrayed by Takami Yoshimoto (吉本 多香美, Yoshimoto Takami), who is the daughter of Susumu Kurobe, the actor of Shin Hayata/the first Ultraman.
  • It is interesting to note, that in Super 8 Ultra Brothers, the original four Ultra Brothers were implied to be aliens who forgot their natures as they lived on Earth for an extended period of time. This would imply that she was part Ultra. This is further implied by the fact that her daughter is seen playing with the little girl (the same one that encourage Daigo, Gamu and Asuka to become Ultras as children) and Hanejiro, implying there is something special about her. This would make Rena like the original Daigo who was descended from the original Ultraman Tiga.
  • Aside from Rena Yanase, the only role that Takami Yoshimoto played was a character named Tsukasa Tamaki in Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman.