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Rena Sayama (佐山レナ Sayama Rena) is a character in the ULTRAMAN manga series. She is a popular idol and the adopted daughter of police officer Yosuke Endo. Initially unaware of her hidden past, Rena became more involved with the antics of aliens on Earth and eventually learned that she may not be a normal human.



A young idol around Shinjiro Hayata's age, Rena became a fan of Shinjiro's after his numerous crime fighting exploits wearing his Ultraman Suit. While her agent just denounced him a cosplayer, Rena was quick to defend him as the real thing. While on their way to an appointment, the two were stuck in a strange traffic jam caused by Shinjiro's battle with another alien. The pair landed nearby with Shinjiro landing on the hood of their car. While the alien belittled Shinjiro and destroyed his confidence, Rena and her agent had snuck out of the car. Hearing her hero being trash-talked, Rena called out Ultraman and gave him back his confidence. Unfortunately, this angered the petty alien who fired plasma bombs at her. Fortunately, Shinjiro was able to stop the attacks with his Spacium Blades.

After the battle, she went to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries when she ran into her dad Yosuke Endo, who was relived she was alright. Unknown to either of them, the four-eyed alien watched them drooling from outside.

Later, she appeared on TV talking with a news anchorman about the recent alien battle and whether the Earth was being targeted again by aliens. Rena was a staunch supporter of Shinjiro declaring that he was 'Ultraman' not a pretender.

During one of her concerts, a mysterious man appeared on stage behind her, claiming that he would kill her. The man then revealed himself as Adad, and he said that he would also kill the audience when he was finished. Shinjiro and Moroboshi appeared in their Ultraman Suits, shocking Rena with the appearance of a second Ultraman. The crowd initially assumed that this was part of the show and acted indifferently until Adad sent bombs floating above their heads and gave the Ultramen an ultimatum; save either Rena or the crowd. Rena attempted to get things under control by standing up to them, condemning everyone involved for ruining the concert for her and the audience. Things only got worse when Bemular appeared and blew the ceiling off, causing it to fall. The people then demanded for Rena to be handed over in exchange for their lives.

Having heard enough, Adad attempted to kill Rena only for his true target, Alien Igaru, who also happened to be Rena's biggest fan and the one behind a recent string of murders, to appear and defend her by transforming into his true form. Adad revealed that the bombs he set up were actually projectors, who revealed his true circumstances before he killed the Igaru in cold blood, and then revealed his human accomplices among the crowd, leading to their arrest by Yosuke Endo and his partner Kurata. After everything was over, Rena's concerts were cancelled to take care of her mental health.

Rena started to become more interested in the Ultramen who appeared at the concert and decided to visit the Giant of Light Memorial museum at the SSSP base, where she encountered Shinjiro. They talked a few times and got somewhat close, before she revealed that she was going to New York for an undetermined duration. As that happened, she spotted a few window cleaners about to fall off a swing stage at which point Shinjiro said he was going to call Ultraman as he had his number. He ran off, used his Mimicry System to disguise himself and managed to rescue the workers, but Rena noticed that Shinjiro left without his phone, giving her some suspicion over his identity. Later, as Shinjiro sent her off, Rena returned his phone to him.

Danger still followed in New York as the Star of Darkness attacked by unleashing a nerve agent that would affect everyone in the area, causing the humans in the area to abandon their morals as they thought they were going to die. Some of them decided to attempt to attack Rena but stopped when the Star of Darkness announced that everything they previously said was a lie and this was all part of a plan to expose the ugly side of humans. They then attacked for real using their Golden Fortress, toppling a few buildings, one of which fell on Rena. Somehow, she and the surrounding people were unscathed. Publicly, she announced that Ultraman saved her at the time, but she knew that was not true.

It was soon decided that Rena's trip to America would come to an end, andshe was picked up at the airport by Endo. She then went to visit Shinjiro again and told him that she might have superpowers, which was how she survived the incident. At the time, Shinjiro saw the back of her hand light up, which gave some credence to her otherwise unexpectable explanation. After she left, Rena was met by Bemular, who confirmed to her that she was not a normal human.



  • Height: 155 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Age: 19 years

Powers and Weapons

  • Barrier: Rena can somehow emit a barrier to protect herself from even the entire weight of a collapsing building, though she was not aware of how it happened. The back of her hand shines with light when her abilities surface.


Hobby Max

  • Rena Sayama (2020)
    • Release Date: October 15, 2020
    • Price: 14,080 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4573451878154
    • Materials: PVC, ABS
Manufactured by Hobby Max, this Rena Sayama is a 1/7-scaled PVC figure that features the character is her general idol attire. Aside from the display stand, Rena also comes with her microphone + stand accessory.

Ques Q

  • Rena Sayama (SSSP Style Idol Look) (2022)
    • Release Date: December 2022
    • Price: 15,800 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4560393842602
    • Materials: PVC, ABS
Ques Q's take of a 1/7-scaled Rena features her in an SSSP-style idol attire, with a Beta Capsule held on her right hand.



  • Her civilian name is actually Rena Endo (遠藤レナ Endo Rena), which she uses when she doesn't want to gather too much attention in public or to pose as someone else.
  • Rena made her first technical appearance back when Shinjiro first fought Bemular on a billboard which was advertising her third and latest single UltLove (ウルトラブ Urutorabu).
  • Her first name and the fact she is the love interest of Shinjiro could be a reference to Rena Yanase of Ultraman Tiga.
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