Release the Limiter! (リミッター解除! Rimittā Kaijo!) is the fourth episode of the first season of ULTRAMAN. It adapts chapters 11 to 14 of the manga.


Shinjiro is sent on a mission to exterminate a hostile alien, but the target flees into the city, endangering countless civilians.


Picking up from where the previous episode left off, Shinjiro furiously charged at Alien Adacic who casually tossed the corpse he just feed on as a distraction before beating him without breaking a sweat. Recognizing the powered armor-clad young man as the Ultraman on the news, Alien Adacic sadistically reveled humans being nothing more than delicious food before escalating the fight by firing his pincer-like plasma blasters at his opponent. The irritated Shinjiro returned fire by hurling several Ultra Slashes and ultimately, Specium Ray, much to Moroboshi's shock as he watched both combatants brought their fights to the city. To his further dismay and suspicion, Edo, who oversaw the mission from the base, reassured that the unexpected turn of events won't be an issue as revealing the existence of aliens among everyone on Earth being one of their current objectives.

Meanwhile, the traffic jam occurred at the city, hindering Rena and her manager, Shiraishi, from reaching their destination. As the latter worried over what would be former's next show due to their situation, things around them descended into chaos because of Shinjiro and Alien Adacic's sudden arrival. Just as the former noticed Rena among the surrounding cars, the latter realized something off, but quick to dismiss it by assuming the armored young man being an amateur and mocked him for it, citing the surrounding damages they unwittingly caused. But then, Rena, despite Shiraishi's protests, cheered Shinjiro much to the alien's fury that he tried to blast her into smithereens only for his opponent blocked the incoming projectiles at the very last moments. Acknowledging insecurities Alien Adacic touched on, the armored young man steeled his resolve to fight him as the very Ultraman Rena seemingly looked up to as with everyone else.

Even so, Shinjiro was only able to fight Alien Adacic for so long until the evil alien went ballistic – the latter realized SSSP deliberately allowed him and the one whom he perceived as the fake Ultraman brought their fight in front of the public so as to show them the extent of alien threats and the organization's capabilities to deal them, making the evil alien felt being used. Unable to keep up with his opponent's increasing assaults, the armored young man complained his disadvantages had something to do with the suit, but Ide argued his suit worked just fine. This gave Edo an idea to have Ide released the limiter in Shinjiro's suit and thus bolstered his combat abilities, but not without him warned Shinjiro that he could only last for 3 minutes afterwards. As soon as the limiter in his suit was deactivated, the-then empowered Shinjiro retorted another of Alien Adacic's taunts before soundly cleaved his opponent's arm off, further enraging him that he splits into multiple copies of himself in hopes of countering the armored young man's power boost. With little to no time to pinpoint the original, Shinjiro mowed them all with Specium Ray. The last thing Alien Adacic said before being evaporated was how unfair his situation was.

As Moroboshi ordered his men to begin the cleanup, the newly recovered Shin (though he requires a walking stick for a time being) arrived at the scene and praised his son for his success in defeating his first hostile alien much to the victorious yet exhausted Shinjiro's delight. Unknown to everyone present, Bemular had watched the whole thing from the shadows and concluded that he should begin the next phase of his plan just as SSSP started theirs…





Anime and Manga Differences

  • Scenes of Yosuke Endo and Kurata investigating are moved to later episodes.
  • A few minor exchanges between Ide and Edo are added.
  • The fight against Adacic is extended.
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