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Reionics Hunter (レイオニクスハンター Reionikusu Hantā) was an Alien Pedan group that appeared in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey. They are alternatively named as Planet Pedan Reionics Subjugation Unit (ペダン星レイオニクス討伐部隊 Pedan Sei Reionikusu Tōbatsu Butai).


Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

50 years after the series, in a dystopian future where a Reionics was chosen as the successor of the Alien Reiblood and spread chaos across the galaxy, Planet Pedan was among those affected. To ensure the survival of their race, Alien Pedan established a fighting force called Reionics Hunter, with Dail joining in the ranks. They traveled 50 years into the past, where the Reionics battle takes motion. One of their King Joe Black went haywire and appeared in the previous season where it caused a huge commotion on Planet Boris before being scrapped by Rei's EX Gomora.

In present time, the Reionics Hunters made their move by attempting to eliminate every participant in the Reionics battle. One peculiar agent Dail encountered Rei, who wishes to defeat Reiblood and took interest despite his supposed mission from Harlan. After seeing Rei's own strength against a King Joe unit that's fitted with EX Gomora's combat data, Dail comes to terms with him and decided to recruit him to the Reionics Hunters rank.

To his surprise, their commander Harlan turn on his back and reorganized their mission to capture and enslave all available Reionics as their personal army. In his dying breath, Dail releases the captured ZAP Spacy crew, allowing the team to aid Rei and his monsters in the fight against the King Joe army. With Harlan's death from a trampled King Joe Scarlet, the rest of the army returned to the future.


  • Harlan
  • Dail
  • Pedan Soldiers
  • Several non-combatant members

Mechas and fighting forces

  • King Joe
    • King Joe Black
    • King Joe Scarlet
  • Time-traveling spaceship